Shaq gives his violent recipe to save the Lakers

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As they are about to miss the game, the Lakers will have to embark on a thorny and crucial season for the future of the franchise. Shaquille O’Neal looked into it, and suggested a drastic solution to salvage the furniture.

From the start of the season, and even before that, many declared the Lakers doomed in their pursuit of the title, particularly due to the extremely high average age in the workforce. Despite everything, few could have predicted this failure of Frank Vogel’s men. A few days before the end of the regular season, Los Angeles is about to miss the chance to play…

The question in the face of such massive humiliation is what the leaders intend to do next season. Will they try to keep the team the same, and bring in a new coach to give the game a touch of fresh air? Are they going to try to trade off Russell Westbrook to take back a guard point that will be better able to support LeBron James And Anthony Davis?

Shaq wants all Lakers to be fired except for LeBron and Anthony Davis

Shaquille O’Neal, a legend of the franchise and a recognized consultant in the NBA microcosm, looked at the question without any sign of alarm. through the pass CBSThe most dominant pivot in history offered a fairly simple solution for Rob Pelinka to salvage the situation and get off to a good start next season. The idea will be shared by many fans, but it is impossible to implement.

The Lakers need to get rid of all expired contracts, they need to weed out “projects” that didn’t work out, and they need to rejuvenate with more athletes around LeBron. Age is a team building factor. Milady was injured all season. We should keep LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and try to trade in all the other guys in the workforce.

Shaquille O’Neal is an extreme, for him everyone should leave, except for co-stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis… and for once, it must be admitted that he didn’t really please anyone else. Russell Westbrook It shows for example that it wasn’t made to be a third option, while it’s fairly good once one is absent. He may ask to regain his freedom and responsibilities in the off-season.

But starting from scratch also means breaking up with the young, a decision that may prove more difficult. While he was a pariah last summer, Tallinn Horton Tucker has shown absolutely nothing this season, and his market value has never been lower. Rob Pelinka would probably find it hard to let go, even if he sold it to other franchisees. As for Austin Reeves, who was sacked by Frank Vogel, he may deserve a second chance next season.

If Shaquille O’Neal wants to see a file turbulence In total on the Lakers’ roster for next season, Rob Pelinka will undoubtedly find it difficult to trade all of his players under contract. Already because some are undesirable, but also because others receive a lot of money. Who Wants 40 Million Russell Westbrook? ?

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