Shikanoin Heizou special recipe and how to cook it at Genshin Impact

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Shikanoen Hizu is a wayward rebel turned investigator of the Tenryu Heaven who uses his unparalleled intuition to get to the bottom of Inazuma’s worst case and discover more than meets the eye. Despite Heizou’s results-oriented work, his carefree personality and love of pork chops don’t keep him out of the kitchen. His special dish, which only he can prepare, is called The Only Truth, a different kind of katsu sandwich.

How to get shikanoen hizu special dish recipe in Jinshin Effect

The only truth can be created using the Katsu Sandwich Recipe, which can be purchased at Ryoko’s Street Food Stand in Ritou for 2500 Mora. It’s a one-time purchase that allows you to make as many Katsu sandwiches and treats as you like. The exact location of his stand is circled in the image below.

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How to cook the only truth in the effect of genshin

Shikanoen Hizu is the only character who can cook the only truth, so unfortunately it’s impossible to make this dish if you don’t have it. When the cooking menu opens, choose Katsu Sandwich, then change the character on the right to Shikanoin Heizou. It can be made with the following ingredients:

  • x3 flour
  • × 2 raw meat
  • x1 wrapped

If Heizou cooks Katsu Sandwich, he has a chance to make the only truth instead. The exact cooking rate for special dishes is unknown, but it works in both manual and automatic cooking modes.

The difference between Katsu Sandwich and the only truth of the Jinshin Effect

The only fact grants a slight increase in attack compared to Katsu Sandwich. Other than that, both recipes are quite similar and it is useful to take them before tough fights.

  • Katsu Sandwich: Increases all party members’ ATK by 66/81/95 for 300 seconds. Unable to target other players in co-op mode.
  • The only fact – increases the attack of all group members by 114 for 300 seconds. Unable to target other players in co-op mode.

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