Short pastry or pastry pie, which one would you choose to make Quiche Lauren? (discussion seen on twitter)

On Monday, August 29, the new episode of Love is in the meadow on M6 launched a culinary discussion on social networks. Discussion item: Dough to use for quiche Lauren. And between shortbread and puff pastry, the controversy has sparked a lot of talk. The opportunity to ask about the right dough for this traditional recipe.

An eternal question that everyone has asked themselves at least once. This Monday, August 29th, podium Twitter saw the birth of a culinary debate Who started a sequence of the show Love is in the meadow. In the second episode of the pioneer program m 6In this new season, a farmer took two suitors to the supermarket for shopping. A moment of testing often turned into a quarrel. because of : quiche loren recipe.

While the two women had different ideas for recipes, a discussion took place as soon as the trio arrived in front of the pie pastry section. Each camp has its own site A short dough for one, and a puff dough for the other. Surreal sequence to say the least Which stunned the internet users greatly and whose answer to this question is searched a lot on Google.

But on Twitter you had to follow the exchanges. Many Internet users did not hesitate to give their opinion on this matter. And as in the show, two schools clashed. What do you do fun discussionin which he participated Singer Julien Doréby conducting a survey.

Puff pastry or puff pastry, what are the differences?

Every pie crust has it its own characteristics It will be most appropriate depending on the recipes for the dishes or desserts to be prepared. To help you find your way around, here’s the information you need to know about each of them.

puff pastry : are both Airy and crunchy. It is used for many savory and sweet recipes: millefie pies, fluffy pies, frangipan, pie crust, vegan pies, puff pastry, twist or even palm.

pastries Kitchen star. She is both crunchy and lightit tastes neutral, it is waterproof and a little crumbly. It is used for both savory and sweet recipes. Among the recipes stand out: pancakes, pancakes, pancakes or even pancakes.

according to traditional recipe Quiche Lauren, you have to choose short pastries. Whether you take one or the other, the important thing is that your quiche is delicious and delights the taste buds of your guests. And for perfection, by following the original recipe (no cheese, huh!), discover the steps to follow without delay.

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