Simple yet effective recipe

baseball. Saint-Fred used a simple but effective recipe, Friday evening, at the Jacques-Desautels Arena, as the curtain-raiser for the playoffs in the Vallée-des-forts Senior Baseball League (LBSVF).

Grabbing a 3-2 win from the Boucherville Orioles, the Drummondville residents advanced 1-0 in a two-on-three series between the two teams that finished the regular season at the bottom of the general classification. The Brewers will try to eliminate their opponents on Sunday evening.

“Tonight, we played defensively,” Saint Frederic Gagnon player and coach commented. We only made one mistake, while in the regular season, we were the leaders in mistakes. Playing well defensively shortens the roles and gives us momentum.”

After the match, the Brewers players stood in front of photographer Jean-Sebastien Langlois.

Leading 2-0 in the second half thanks to a single from Simone Chiason, Drummondvillois added a run in the next with a hit from Hugo Cyrenne. The Orioles fought back by scoring twice in the sixth inning, but the comeback ended there.

“After the first three points, we lost our rhythm. We left a lot of runners at the base. That’s the story of our season. We couldn’t be so successful when there were guys on the tracks,” said Frederic Gagnon.

On the hill, Brewers clerk Mathieu Gagnon was solid for five rounds of work. The south did not allow running, which limited the Oriole fighters to four casualties. Frederic Gagnon got to the rescue when the Orioles threatened to draw.

“Mathew was a great start. He only gave the crumbs to the opponent. Frédéric Gagnon, who enjoys playing alongside his younger brother, explained, “His performance gave us momentum.

“My brother and I have been playing together since we were kids. We are together all the time. We know each other so well that we don’t even need to talk to each other.”

St. Fred’s lead 1-0 in the series against the Orioles. (Photo: Jean-Sebastien Langlois)

The second game in the series will take place on Sunday evening, starting at 7 p.m., in Pierre Boucher Garden. Kevin Lefebvre will be sent to the hill for the Brewers.

“Kevin has been our most consistent bowler this season. We have a lot of guns available for relief,” Frederic Gagnon said.

If a third duel proves necessary, it will be held on Monday evening. The winner of the series will face the LBSVF regular season champions, the San Bruno Pirates, in the second elimination round.

“We would like to avoid playing Monday’s game to rest our arms as much as possible, but we have to start with winning the Sunday game,” concluded Frederic Gagnon.

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