Skunk, roast chicken and Jean-Claude Van Damme péi: a recipe for a spicy crowd

Saint-Denis: Grilled chicken and hidden work

Olga, 56, prepares Cantonese rice and garlic potatoes daily before heading to her chicken stall at the market. Nor does she know who was working there in her absence. However, during an inspection conducted by URSSAF when he was working for a year, five people, including a minor, served the meat and its attendants. No administrative announcement was made. Since then, the stall has been closed because it was impossible for the manager to hire, including her son-in-law who always worked there. A free warning was issued to the 50-year-old: €5,000 suspended.

The port: where it is a matter of consent …. and Jean-Claude Van Damme

Let’s ignore the fact that this touch story was judged three years after the facts were committed. An error in history in summoning the accused, Kenny, 25, is the reason for the delay, but still.. what does it mean for the victim when his attacker faces 5 years in prison?

So the brave woman is asked to tell the story of the infernal evening she had on August 11, 2019. I barely knew her executioner when she agreed to go for a quick walk with him to go buy some cigarettes at the corner station. But suddenly the driver’s plans changed: heading to the commercial port at full speed, and then to the pleasure port at full speed. Then a sudden stop at the recycling center where cars are parked and couples go about their business. The girl had already pressed her thigh with several hands, and the anxiety was growing as fast as the twenty turned. She explained to him that she was refusing his advances and that she wanted to go home.

Here they are now in the dark night near the warehouses. He offers to drive. They get out of the car and pass each other, he grabs her by the arms, grabs her by the wrist, tries to take off her bust, caress her genitals. I managed to escape. And despite the three years that separate her from the facts, the victim is crying hot tears in front of the court.

“There’s no malfunction in the road, I didn’t want to tempt him,” justify Kenny. “In the human sexual parts I don’t remember”, He bids. The boss asks him if he wants to add anything to his defense. “If it’s in the course of the procedure, I have nothing to add”. We are speechless. Will Jean-Claude Van Damme get out of this body?

He was finally given two years of probation in addition to being registered with the sex offenders file. 1500 euros are allocated to the victim. But the worst part of all of this is that Kenny has yet to understand that when he isn’t, he doesn’t!


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