Sleeping separately, a recipe for a happy couple? A woman testifies to this forbidden practice

Contrary to popular belief, sleeping apart when you’re in a relationship doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup. It is not this couple who would dare to say the opposite.

As surprising as it may sound, a couple can love each other and sleep apart. According to some experts, this practice may be key to a satisfying relationship.

Anyway, this is what the couple claim in a testimonial published on Sympa’s website: “My husband and I lived together for eight years, sleeping in separate roomsThrough their experience, they hope to break taboos and eliminate stereotypes about “sleep absolutes.”

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The two lovebirds started getting separate bedrooms to keep them comfortable and improve the quality of their sleep. Indeed, the young woman tended to move and breathe with difficulty, and the snoring of her companion made her a nightmare.

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My friend remembered all our fights over his lack of sleep: he was snoring, I woke him up and then he didn’t sleep enough and he was angry. Sometimes I was the one snoring, waking me up and couldn’t get back to sleep (…) Once, in the middle of my dream, I put my finger right in my friend’s eyeWe can read the testimony.

The couple soon realized that their sleeping habits were completely different: bedtime, sleep duration, incessant wakefulness, and wakefulness.

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My boyfriend was supposed to be at work around 9am. So it was very important for him to get enough sleep. However, due to the issues associated with sharing the same bedroom, each of us slept no more than 6-7 hours. As a result, he and I became more nervous, tired, and irritable.The young woman explains.

In this context the couple decided to have a separate room. The least we can say is that this choice changed the daily life of the lovers: “Our differences subsided very quickly (…) and we both became calmer. In addition, we are starting to be more efficient at work (…)“.

Unsurprisingly, the decision surprised the couple’s friends and family:They split into two camps. The former reacted skeptically to this fact and said that it would be difficult for them to fall asleep without kissing their soul mate at night.“.

Those who supported this lifestyle hinted that they would like to try it. You might not know it, but sleeping away is a common occurrence among celebrities. This is especially the case for George and Amal Clooney. the reason ? The actor’s snoring will prevent the lawyer from sleeping peacefully.

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