Sohan: Desperate and reductive, the Vikings can blame the infidels of unprotected players

The dictionary of sports has been tragically expanded.

Every athlete should be a “centre,” although Vince Lombardi’s players excelled before any athlete even uttered the word.

Every athlete “crunches”, which means that a two-hour workout is somehow more impressive than an eight-hour shift at a fast food restaurant.

Thanks to the rise of media and team-owned websites and reporters, we’ve also got the gift that never stops grumbling – the idea of ​​’adversity’.

The word “ordeal” allows team-owned and team-friendly media to celebrate each victory as if Sisyphus had achieved it, and excuse each loss as if it were a reenactment of the Alamo. As if every ankle sprain is a burden that only the rare team can overcome.

Yes, the Vikings will face adversity on Sunday. Anyone who uses this word as an excuse or celebration on Sunday afternoon will carry water for fools.

Vikings face “adversity” because of their actions and decisions.

They will play the Los Angeles Rams without the return of superstar Dalvin Cook. Cook will miss the match and possibly next week’s match in Green Bay because he has tested positive for COVID-19 and is not immune.

They need to win this match because they blew up the games they should have won. in Detroit. At home against Baker Mayfield when Mayfield wasn’t healthy enough to take the field. In Cincinnati when cook flop. Against Dallas at home when facing the Immortal Cooper Rush.

There was also a loss in Baltimore as there was another defensive game that would give the Vikings a victory…but star Harrison Smith’s safety was not there because he had not been vaccinated and tested positive for COVID.

Apply the word “ordeal” to these Vikings, and you are asked to precede it with the word “self-imposed.”

It is possible for the Vikings to outsmart the rams without a cook, or to lose in a way that perhaps the cook’s existence has not changed.

This does not matter. What matters is that the Minnesota Vikings face an important game that could determine whether a lot of the main characters keep their jobs, and are sold back by one of their highest-paid players.

Vikings Smith signed contracts that could total up to $75 million. He turned down requests from Viking leaders and medical workers for a vaccine that would keep him as healthy as possible, keep his team as healthy as possible, and give him the best chance of playing an entire season.

Viking Cook signed contracts that could total about $63 million. He decided, like Smith, not to vaccinate.

These are betrayals. It’s also an act of folly. Television personalities and politicians urging people like Smith and Cook not to be vaccinated are being vaccinated. They play people like Smith and Cook for fools.

Which brings us to Kirk Cousins, the quarterback you can’t trust.

Only by luck did Cousins, who had not been vaccinated, avoided the positive test and left the Vikings in a playoff race with Sean Manion in the middle. Of course, working alongside cousins ​​makes Mannion more vulnerable to contracting the virus.

By the end of next season, Cousins ​​will have made $200 million in the NFL, which is the league he begged for a shot.

It may also appear that he is using a shot of adrenaline.

Through November 21, Cousins ​​was having his best season, and had just produced like a superstar in back-to-back wins over the Chargers and Packers.

In his past four matches:

• Lost to a mid-range 49ers team while making a poor interception and failed to produce a pass for more than 30 yards.

• Lost to the Detroit Lions.

• He threw two interceptions while completing 14 of 31 passes as the Vikings nearly exploded 29 points to the Steelers.

• He threw another interception and produced 87 yards in a poor performance against the Terrible Bears.

Because of the NFL’s engineering mediocrity and extended games, the Vikings could well qualify for the post-season.

If they did, it would be a victory over their self-imposed adversity, and the survival of fools.

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