Soul of the manga was a hit at the Kawaii Festival in Bergerac

A world that fascinates all generations, so much so that we moved there with the family. Like Deborah, who came with her kids Killian and Kleiman: “We’re there too with the cousins, and there’s ten of us in the room,” she explains. She already knew the Kawaii Festival, where she explained: “We came already last year. It’s good, because it’s free and available to everyone.”

And Kilian will offer his favorites: “I love manga, legumes, and One Piece articles.” One Piece is a manga series created by Eiichiro Oda, comprising 102 volumes in French. It spawned many derivative products: video games, figurines, and even a cookbook.

For Clément, the preferences go towards “Pokémon cards and pogs”. Pog is a game that hit the playgrounds at the end of the ’90s, and it’s clearly still interesting.

“We also love the shows and the reality of disguise,” adds Deborah.

Influencers on stage

There were performances all day long at Bergerac, between Kendo and kung-fu performances and the performance of the young dancer group Be-Wild. But the scenic fireworks played at the end of the day, triggered by the show and cosplay performance. For those who don’t know, it’s all about playing a manga character by imitating his costume, his hair as well as his postures. The audience was able to follow the development of twenty well-dressed players.

Singer Yoon closed the festival.

Jean-Luc Chanteau

After this lively performance, the day ended with K-pop singer Yoon’s concert. This young Parisian singer is the genre’s ambassador in France. She will, it seems, keep a good memory of her stay in Serrano: “Bergerac is a very beautiful city and the people here are very nice,” she said as she got off the stage.

Pixel art and video games

The pixel art booth has attracted fans of all ages.

The pixel art booth has attracted fans of all ages.

Jean-Luc Chanteau

“This is the first time we’ve seen so many people at the festival”

Pixel art is the art of creating patterns from plastic beads that display pixelated graphics for low-resolution screens. E Gaming Bergeracois offered to learn about this activity. Since 10:30 am we haven’t stopped receiving people. This is the first time we’ve seen so many people at the festival,” President Eric Maina notes.

The same goes for video games, offered by the Campsegret-based Retrosmash Association: “We are one of the stands that attracts the most people,” rejoices Nicholas, one of the hosts of Retrosmash.

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