SSR: Accounts are stabilizing, but revenue is declining

In a year still marked by an epidemic, the programs gained traction and enabled higher commercial returns than the previous year. KEYSTONE / URS FLUEELER sda-ats

This content was published on Apr 14, 2022 – 11:12


The financial position of the SSR is stable. The company ended the 2021 fiscal year with a positive operating score of 10.3 million, thanks to the implementation of cost-cutting measures. The downside: Revenue continues to fall.

In a year still marked by an epidemic, the programs have gained traction and made it possible to record higher commercial returns than the previous year, the SSR details Thursday. This is thanks to the very high penetration rates achieved by the news information.

She adds that the downward trend in revenue continues. Compared to 2019, television advertising revenue (164.1 million francs) decreased by 14.7 million.


On the positive side, various sporting events, including the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, have increased costs, as well as commercial revenue.

The SSR and the Swiss Confederation of Mass Media (SSM) have agreed a new Collective Labor Agreement (CLA), which will come into force on January 1 this year.

The Management Committee and the Board of Directors also adopted a regulation on protecting personal integrity and a new employee policy. This is in the context of dysfunction in terms of harassment that has recently been highlighted within the company.

play streaming platform switzerland

The Play Suisse streaming platform, launched in 2020, has been expanded. It now has more than 3,000 subtitled or dubbed content in national languages ​​and 500,000 subscribers.

In its first year of existence, it climbed to the number two position among the most watched streaming platforms in Switzerland. And one minute of usage in four relates to content from a language area other than the user’s area.

Under the audiovisual charter, the SSR continued to invest 32.5 million francs in independent Swiss film creativity. If we add the resources devoted to the new series and the German-language series “Tatort”, then a total of 50 million has been paid to the cinema sector.

less production

The return to a certain normal state increased operating costs, which partially returned to their normal level. However, it remained slightly lower than it was before the pandemic, as the number of products remained at a lower than normal level.

The sale of two properties no longer needed in Zurich and Geneva generated one-time book profits of 38.4 million, increasing the result to 48.7 million. She confirms this, that the SSR was able to boost its capital after two years of losses.

If this extraordinary revenue is not taken into account, the SSR closed out fiscal year 2021 with a positive operating result of 10.3 million francs.

Increase the ownership share

Thanks to the cost-reduction measures identified in 2018, which were systematically applied, the company’s financial position continued to be stable. The net increase of 48.8 million in the share of royalties transferred to the SSR also contributed significantly to this.

As the disappearance of the old fee system (Billag) resulted in a reduction of nine million to the SSR, the positive impact of revenue from fees is 39.8 million compared to the previous year.

New savings program

The company’s transformation will continue in 2022 with an increasingly restricted financial margin. While the 100 million savings program launched in 2018 was capable of closing in 2020, the SSR, due to the downward trend in business income, had to create a new savings program in October 2020. 50 million by 2024. This program is a watch strict.

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