St. Catherine’s Fair: Don’t change the recipe you need

Sunday, November 27, is Reunion Day in the City of the Walls. Because Saint Catherine is a fair that serves that purpose, at the same time as the Christmas shopping begins.

After the recent lifting of health restrictions, St Catherine’s Fair has returned to its original atmosphere: a long day spent together during which we begin our Christmas shopping. According to the forecasters, the weather will be sunny, which removes the ultimate reason to miss the most popular annual meeting in Langres. Admittedly, the economic situation has discouraged visitors to come to about a dozen models, who are also regulars. “They invoked the cost of energy,” notes Rep. Nicholas Woertz’s Customs Dealer Celine Dessin. It is some series, from November 25, Vesoul, Saint-Dizier, and another fair in Alsace, as you specify. The visible result, however: Rue du General Leclerc (where La Poste is) is out of play this year. “Of the four bidders, one or two don’t come.” Very marginal changes, in total. “We have 130 registrants, and we have planned about twenty participants who will be added on Victory Day. About twenty stores will open.” For city manager Damien Petitjean, who was installed in September, this is Sainte-Catherine’s first.

Curatorial duo Céline Dessain-Damien Petitjean (© JHM).

On St. Catherine’s, Christmas takes root

“La Sainte-Catherine is an atmosphere: a place to reunite and start your Christmas shopping”. The tree, which was installed on Place Diderot on Monday, will also be decorated, and the ice rink at Place Jenson will be in operation – the associations that will set up the refreshment bar, the Langres triathlon will be the first on the track. In short, at Saint Catherine’s Fair, Christmas takes root. If rue Jean Roussat does not welcome exhibitors to remain an access avenue for emergency services, shops will open there, and the shopkeepers of the venue Ziegler have offered to organize concerts in particular (from 1 pm to 4 pm). Thus, the breathing spaces framing the exhibition will not be separated from it. Yes, “Exhibition Noise Disclaimer Request Accepted.”

ille closed … And if you are my carpool?

“The city will be closed to traffic on Saturday the 26th at 7 p.m. A watch company has been ordered to be stationed overnight and as reinforcements at its gates. ” Enough to carry out last-minute interventions, like last year, when “there were only three suction cars instead of the usual ten.” It also makes it possible to check that the exhibitors are not accommodated in reserved spaces.”About forty municipal agents will be on the bridge from four o’clock in the morning.”At the same time, the gendarmes will also be present. Date to calm any tensions about the facilities.”If the weather is nice And dry, we can target 10,000 visitors.” The half-threshold is regularly reached, whether it’s raining, snowing, or selling out. In any case, “Langers can welcome more visitors than residents. Now is the time for a carpool!”. At the destination you will already have to park your car in the car parks – Place d’Armes, Place Bel Air, Blanchefontaine, Sous-Bie, Champ des Soeurs … It is the city manager Damien Petitjean who announces that the elected officials will open around Mayor Anne Cardinal Exposition at 9:30 a.m. Not available, via the wire.

Fabienne Osser

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