Student’s Recipe: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Pasta!

When you’re a student, you inevitably have a pasta recipe or two…but here are five mistakes to avoid in order to be perfect!

Pasta and the students are a great romance…at least in theory. Because in practice, many young people know how to do other things. But for a successful pasta recipe, MCETV offers five little mistakes to avoid!

A good recipe with 5 mistakes to avoid

First, the frying pan

So we provide five steps to manage your pasta and make you happy. truly. looked b Don’t waste time. Because many young people find themselves in the same stainless steel kitchen to start their studies.

And everyone notes: the plate never gets hot. So to avoid wasting more time, it is better to have a large pot and a large amount of water. because when The noodles fall into the pan, and the water cools…and that’s wasted time.

After that, water is necessary for the recipe

Besides, water will be an important ingredient in your dish. And this is no joke. As in any setting, No details should be overlooked. Ward, therefore, not to salt your pasta. You will still lose a lot of taste!

salt before Cooking makes it possible to impregnate pasta with salt. For a successful recipe, you need to think about this important step. Plus, it will be crucial to the rest of your culinary adventures. Because your dish should have a taste!

then cooking

As in all other dishes that MCETV has been able to offer you, and even in all the dishes out there, there is one key thing: cooking. And if you haven’t made enough pasta to tell by smell how cooked it is, watch out!

Student’s Recipe: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Pasta!

It is best to remove them when they remain a little firm. Because if you mix too much cooked pasta with the sauce, Your plate will not have any texture anymore. A word of advice: Don’t be fooled by the times on the packaging, and savor from time to time!

Rinsing is the secret of a good recipe

If you say to yourself “Ah that, I do that!” By reading the headline above, you are wrong! In fact, rinse the pasta It amounts to canceling the salting step. The washed pasta will remove the starch. But he’ll rinse it private… period.

So say goodbye to all the salt you put in the pan beforehand. Nothing spoils your recipe…well roughly. Because it will be necessary to salt a second time so that the pasta regains a little taste.

Finally, the sauce, to master it all

The last point, the sauce. Two secrets here. First, whether you’re into pesto, bolognese, or carbo, feel free to skim your sauce. Little SpelliteCherry tomatoes in pesto, fresh tomatoes in bolo… You’ll feel the difference quickly.

Finally, keep a little water from cooking. This trick may sound crazy. But pasta water can liven up your recipe. It already contains salt and starch: what Give body to your plate !

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