Sud-Aveyron: discovery and coexistence thanks to pebbles, a recipe that works on Larzac

Nearly one hundred cyclists are expected to depart on Saturday, November 5, from Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon.

Rolling around, without headaches, without a time target, with the only desire to discover the Larzac Plateau. Pebbles are in essence, far from an elite sport. If there’s no shortage of good athletes in South Aveyron, this, more relaxed shape appeals.

At its head is Loic Airal, a young businessman from Malau, passionate about sporting events. If he had his trail lessons done, the gravel fit him like a glove.

For the second time, he organizes the Larzac gravel experience from Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon. If he was gently pointing at the tip of his nose last year on the sports calendar, he wouldn’t have to force this year to fill in the blank. “After 36 hours, it’s all complete.”He laughs.

Without a temporal order or goal, the principle is simple: Walk the Larzac Paths to a pure and challenging discovery. Historic, passing through the cities of Templar, cultural, crossing fields drawn by sheep grazing and of course gastronomic.

For this last part, Millavois put together the package. “100% of the supply is from local produce”, confirms to the regulator. Better than simple energy bars, cyclists will savor the sausage, cheese, tribox, and other goodies that Aveyron discovers. “Also in the Runner’s Awards collection, all products will be local this year”Announces Loïc Ayral.

110 km of roads in total

For this summary of discoveries to succeed, the contestants will depart from Sainte-Eulalie, arrive at Le Viala-du-Pas-de-Jaux where the first aid station will be located, and then go to La Couvertoirade, to the farm of Eygalières, before returning to vélorail for the first 63-length loop how much.

There are two options: continue or put the bike aside. The sportier player will once again set off for Lapanouse-de-Cernon, the Larzac brewery and Brunas, before returning to the starting point. At the last refreshment point, participants will be able to eat Roquefort du Vieux-Berger across from the bridge.explains Loïc Ayral.

Real postcard. A change from the previous version since La Cavalerie cyclists started. They will find classics of the plateau and pass beautiful pewter in Potensak. “The goal is really to discover Larzac in all its splendor”, is a promise. The road is 110 km in total.

To preserve the authentic aspect of the event, the number of participants was deliberately limited. So they will be 99 years old to launch on Saturday. Some were chomping a bit in the queue (there were about sixty of them) and they will have to be a little more reactive next year to provide a nice break on their bikes.

The recipe, like the Turbo recipe offered at the help stations, works just fine. That is why it will soon be available in Mont-Aigoual, Aubrac, Lévézou or even in Hérault. The gravel experience brand is making a name for itself in the world of two-wheeled rides.

indisputable success

Last year, the event was already a success for Loïc Ayral. In the villages, but also at the level of the participants. 41% of 2022 starters came in 2021 during the premiere.

Millavois is also very proud of the advantages this brings. “Last year, each runner took an average of three and a half nightsthe organizer admits. I think the attendance at Sainte-Eulalie gite is good. That is why we held it on Saturday so that people would visit it on Sunday.”

Of the 99 cyclists who will be in attendance on Saturday at the start of the event, 19 circuits will be represented. The course, although with some technical sections, offers the possibility to get started for practitioners of all levels.

Whether they are battery powered or not. “The goal is really to get people to work and get to know Larzac”Loïc Ayral insists.

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