Sunflower oil: Consumers are insufficiently informed about the recipe change

This is information that has gone unnoticed by many consumers. In the face of shortages, some products have had to adjust their recipes to replace sunflower oil with others, such as rapeseed oil. If manufacturers pledged to clearly inform consumers of these changes at the time of purchase of the products in question, some had not played the game, UFC-Que Choisir confirmed on July 14.

However, the agreement was clear between manufacturers, distributors and consumer associations such as UFC-Que Choisir. According to a survey conducted by the association, out of nearly 246 points of sale in 45 departments, the vast majority did not clearly inform their customers. If the only instructions from Bercy to inform consumers were for distributors to be “creative,” then most of the time distributors were content to print an information note from the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) on A4 paper.

Not enough banners for customers

Among the supermarkets visited by surveyors, 61% did not display the information upon receiving the store. This number even rises to 68% for smaller stores such as convenience stores. Among the brands, some act as very poor students, such as Intermarché stores, which did not play the game by 92%, while for the best, Cora stores still score over a third of the mistaken stores.

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The situation has never been better for display rack. Still according to information collected by UFC-Que Choisir, 81% of shelves did not mention replacing one oil with another, despite the large number of products involved such as breaded fish, chicken nuggets, cordon bleu (78 to 87% no show) ravioli, fresh or canned, lasagna and cannelloni (79 to 82%), sardines in oil or other sauces (79%), or even cookies and cakes (75%). In terms of display at checkout, 81% of the brands had no display, while the Intermarché Group stores scored the clear score of 100% of the shops without a display.

Male DEROG is somewhat incomplete

If distributors have to point the finger, manufacturers haven’t put much effort into this task of information about changes to recipes. According to data from the Consumers’ Association, nearly two-thirds (64%) simply offered the phrase “DEROG” on their products, without specifying an alternative oil. However, some brands act as good students, with this change being clearly mentioned at times.

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If these changes seem trivial, the UFC-Que Choisir notes that the nutrients of some products are modified by changing the recipe, insofar as sunflower oil, relatively balanced for its fatty acid content, can be replaced with palm or coconut oil, the oils are very rich. It is rich in fatty acids and is therefore less beneficial to health.

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