Sunflower oil: in the face of shortages, the food industry is changing recipes without advertising, beware of allergy risks

A shortage of sunflower products may cause professionals to quickly change their recipes and use alternatives based on genetically modified soybean and palm oil, all without indicating this on product labels and packaging.

While Ukraine and Russia are the main exporters of sunflower products (oil, but also seeds, lecithin or sunflower cake). A war between these two countries could lead to a loss In the coming weeks.

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Faced with this situation, some professionals in the food sector will have to do this change recipes for some products. Instead, they’ll use ingredients from soy or rapeseed, says UFC Que Choisir.

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Beware of recipe changes in some foods!
UFC-Que Choisir requires billboards that are clearly visible to consumers. Participate

– UFC-Que Choir (UFCquechoisir) March 31, 2022

“The information on the packaging is no longer compatible”

Thus many products will be affected, such as edible oils, margarine, cooked foods, baked or fried foods, biscuits, cakes, ready meals, etc. Animal products that are guaranteed to be GMO-free can also be affected.. to feed livestockBreeders will have to resort to cakes genetically modified soy“, Replacement for non-GMO sunflower, notes Consumers Association.

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Problem: Product recipes will change quickly and the information on the packaging cannot be updated in time. “As a result, the information on the packaging will no longer be compatible, due to the lack of response ”, challenges the UFC-Que Choisir, which thus provides information concerns to consumers, particularly with regard to Allergy risk.

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Lack of stickers

In connection with this potential serious health risk, the Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) shall make an immediate offer of the products concerned, through decal Each package is labeled to indicate that the recipe has been modified. However, this procedure may be delayed due to the lack of labels and printers at the European level.

Other measures should be taken aimed at informing consumers. Discussions are ongoing between the DGCCRF and professionals and consumer associations. “The UFC-Que Chorus asks Signs It is clearly visible in the relevant sections, indicating the modifications to the recipes and their results on the products. These proposals are currently under negotiation between the DGCCRF and associations of consumers and professionals in the sectors involved.” indicate.

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