Supersevens – Union Bordeaux Beagle and its new recipe

Disappointingly last year, the Bordeaux Biggles Association decided to invest in a division dedicated to rugby 7. A team made in the Gironde, which has something to shine on this summer.

Laurent Ferrer is not just anyone. Besides the fact that he is a former international for 7 teams, who played in the 2005 and 2009 World Cups, the 40-year-old is the one who made the debut of 7-man rugby at Union Bordeaux-Bigles. . ” This idea occurred to me for a very long time, Fires the one who is the coach of septists but also hopes for agate. And at the end of the tournament last year, the CEO of Ceva, who is our lead partner at seven, asked me why we had been beaten. And suddenly, I answered that there was a way to develop this team at seven. »

As a result, after consultation within the club, Ferrères created a division involved in several phases of rugby with 7 across France and Europe. An associative structure made up of many players from the Bordeaux region. ” Going through clubs like Lormont, Mérignac, Blaye or Floirac, I realized that the young boys of 18 who weren’t professionals but who were very good at rugby, there were a lot of them! This weekend, there will be seven clubs represented in the Girondin Basin. »

Definitely motivated by the idea of ​​playing rugby in a union shirt – which will never live up to its name – these youngsters with sometimes atypical backgrounds arrive ambitious in the first stage of the In Extenso Supersevens, on Saturday. ” Our team is no less powerful for all of that. This time we will try to qualify for the final stage ‘ confirms the coach.

The adventure just begins

This new section makes it possible to diversify the life of the club, but also to ease the professional cell. The latter was logically reluctant to send players to the Supersevens, given the spoiled adventure Jules Gimbert had last summer. Half Scrum suffered a serious knee injury in the first leg, which has hampered the club all season. ” Last year was bad luck Ferrer confirmed. It was hard and after three weeks we came to an end. It was a purge, and I went to La Rochelle with three straight braces, two prostitutes, and one hit… »

The contribution of partners such as Ceva and Cap Ingelec, as well as the desire to invest in the seven within the club will certainly make it possible to erase this failure and allow the new Bordeaux-Béglaise division to pursue ever higher goals. All in the authenticity sought today in rugby. Ferrer concluded with a nice metaphor: Give me a piece of bread, and we’ll try to make a sandwich. »

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