How excited are you to cook again

Photo: Dean of the droid (stock struggle) I’m not sure if anyone has made resolutions this year. The source of most people’s problems is not tied to anything they can change with sufficient resolve. One cannot work their way out of an epidemic, or solve their child in a safe learning environment, especially when our … Read more

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Lily Hermann is a final year student at Charles O’Dickerson High School. She is also a Girl Scout in the process of achieving her Gold Award. Hermann belongs to Armed Forces 40591 and is commanded by Sarah Brainard and Kathleen Bassetti. Her parents are Christine Ebert and Matt Hermann. Hermann decided to take on her … Read more

What is cooking: Center Street Grill and Smokehouse | Features

Center Street Grill & Smokehouse in downtown Kingsport has a barbecue and burger, but owner Jeff McArdle carefully chose the name of the restaurant in the hope that it wouldn’t become confined to the bathroom as “just a barbecue or just a burger joint.” He is not. The restaurant, which occupies a building that was … Read more