Discover good wine and liqueur recipes from Niçoise Géraldine Coullaud-Boudy

It started with a big bag of bitter oranges. “You love cooking, you’ll know what to do with it!” Geraldine knew Coloud Body. Turn bitterness into sweet wine. It was the start of a great series. “Surprisingly, the orange wine recipe is not in the book…” Very predictable, for sure! La Niçoise, a former … Read more

Francis Freeville, a specialist in Picard Whipped Cake, has opened his shop in Amiens

A new sign has appeared to put her bags (or rather her cake pans) a few meters away from Place Gambetta. Frances Friville’s bakery and pastry located in Abbeville, Fresneville, Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme and Cayaux-sur-Mer in Amiens is also being created with another concept. Whipped cake in all its shapes and tea room “The concept of the … Read more