Cooking recipes for summer breakfast and lunch

Despite the scorching heat, nothing prevents us from meeting friends or family around the gourmet table. Do you dream of freshness and lightness? That’s exactly what we bring to you with some recipe ideas for this summer’s brunch. You will also be interested It’s no coincidence that hotels, restaurants, and meal delivery professionals offer brunch … Read more

Our expert recipe

The Steps: Pavlova’s Recipe by Nicholas Bernardi Go to Slide Show (16) Pastry chef Nicolas Bernardi welcomes us to his lab in La Garenne-Colombes to teach us how to make this meringue cake. Nicolas Bernardi was awarded the title confectioner’s chef Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004, and the title of best chef in the … Read more

Fermented Drinks: 3 “Homemade” Recipes

Here are recipes for kefir, kombucha, and tipach, refreshing drinks that are naturally sparkling and low in sugar. A healthy alternative to soft drinks. Making homemade fermented drinks is simple and economical: one tea bag can produce one liter of kombucha (which sells for 6 to 8 euros). However, you have to learn how to … Read more

Claire’s appetizer plate recipe

Feta sticks: Cut the feta cheese into sticks, and roll once in breadcrumbs, then in beaten eggs and again in breadcrumbs. In a small frying pan, coat the base with olive oil (about 10 tablespoons) and fry the sticks on each side until golden brown. Cucumber Maki: Cut the cucumber in half, and remove everything … Read more

7 Refreshing Recipes to Enjoy in a Heat Wave

France is currently experiencing exceptionally high temperatures early in the year. in certain areas, Mercury will rise to 40°C When it’s not summer yet. To protect yourself from this extreme heat, you must follow certain habits, such as bathing regularly, remembering to moisturize, protecting yourself from the sun and Eat light. Summer recipes are perfect … Read more

What are the healthiest and most filling salad recipes?

Salad is one of the dishes we like to eat in the summer, especially in hot weather. If you eat it as a dish, it should consist of “half vegetables, a quarter of proteins and a quarter of starch,” reveals Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, Chef and Naturopath, “or three quarters of vegetables and then we choose between … Read more