Electronic cooking: from chulha to induction, how renewable energy is fueling India’s transition to electronic cooking

Students cook food during the Bandra Solar Cooking Festival on January 15, 2015 in Mumbai, India. Abstract Preliminary evidence suggests that electronic cooking has the potential to rapidly expand as an ambitious solution for many consumers who cook using biomass and other polluting fuels. While livelihoods solutions backed by clean energy can catalyze such a … Read more

This clean cooking fuel plan needs more ignition

Maintaining LPG dependence in rural India is a challenge but the goal should be a more sustainable energy basket for every household In mid-November 2021, I met Lino Biswal, who is in her early twenties, at a Dandasingha gram panchayat in the Deogarh district of Odisha. She lives with her in-laws and is pregnant with … Read more