David Chang’s New Cookbook “Cooking at Home” Keeps It Real

When most people think of David Chang, they think of Momofuku’s upscale group of restaurants, which includes hot spots like Michelin-starred Momofuku Ko. They probably can’t imagine him tossing frozen veggies into the microwave while trying to make a quick and delicious dinner for his family in 30 minutes or less. And that’s exactly what … Read more

‘Baking It’ review: Undercooked cooking show

“Baking It” contestants Joel and Jordan Photo: Jordan Althouse / The Peacock by John Anderson Updated on November 30, 2021 5:39PM ET When “The French Chef” hit the airwaves in 1963, Julia Childs couldn’t have imagined that there would be as many cooking shows on TV as there are now. Or that many have nothing … Read more

The 4 Best Restaurant-Quality Cooking Video Machines, According to Professional Chefs

Getty Images / istockphoto You don’t have to be a Michelin-starred chef to master Sous Fudge in the kitchen. This French method, in which food is cooked in an airtight bag usually placed in temperature-controlled water, allows for a range of meats, fish and produce to be cooked – from steak and halibut to grilled … Read more

32 things I learned about everyday cooking | living

I love to cook, and I cook a lot. My late mother was a good cook for Italian food. The Baltimore woman whose second son considers me an excellent chef for Italian food. My late father-in-law was an accomplished French chef in New York City. So I had culinary influences. I’ve met professional chefs and … Read more