Chefs share their tips on making easy, high-quality pasta sauces

To me, pasta at home does not taste as good as in a restaurant. But as Elise Ballbrook grew up, she found the opposite. Her Italian family would make a huge pot of red sauce several times a week, letting it simmer for at least five hours. These days, the reality cooking show contestant, cooking … Read more

OiLChef Cooking Oil Saver Launches New Product for Restaurants in 2022

OiLChef product sample Environmentally friendly OiLCef Logo The lightest golden product is cooked in a frying pan with OiLChef, less fat, and more crispness Cooking oil preserver, OILChef announces new product for restaurant operators in 2022 Using cheaper cooking oil for deep fryer owners is important during an epidemic because the cost of cooking oil … Read more