The perfect cake recipe with hibiscus and strawberry jam from Deco Tartlet

Basim Deco tartlet on instagram, Cassie Winslow She unveils her second book of cake recipes (but not only) that specializes in flowers. in the new floral supplies Deco Tartelette fans will find floral tips and recipes just like in his first book, shedding flowers. With weddings and summer back, Cassie Winslow We end up sharing … Read more

Cake, beognis, pancake… 6 sweet recipes from Cyril Lignac for you to enjoy

After a long week, what’s better than good food to keep you happy? This weekend, allow yourself to be tempted by sweet treats from Cyril Lignac. Recipes for the whole family, as desired For breakfast, snack or dessert. First of all, for the extension of Mardi Gras, which is celebrated on the 1st of March, … Read more