100 recipes for a very tasty summer

New Kitchen Special Edition from Madame Figaro Madame Figaro Sharing, Conviviality, Vibrance of Life, Freshness, Authenticity…With 100 Generous and Seasonal Recipes, the new Kitchen Special Edition from Madame Figaro It is a gourmet bible for spring and summer. The sunny days have finally come! And with them, new desires: aperitif, reunion, fresher and more vegan … Read more

The perfect cake recipe with hibiscus and strawberry jam from Deco Tartlet

Basim Deco tartlet on instagram, Cassie Winslow She unveils her second book of cake recipes (but not only) that specializes in flowers. in the new floral supplies Deco Tartelette fans will find floral tips and recipes just like in his first book, shedding flowers. With weddings and summer back, Cassie Winslow We end up sharing … Read more

Add radish to your recipes

In the “radish” family, I seek the intermittent spring, that spring that gardeners call “Monthly radish”. Its distant cousins, the tall, conical and white daikon, which hails from Asia, and the black, tall and plump, originating from Eastern Europe, are cooked during the cooler seasons. In the market stalls of gardeners, on fine days, young … Read more

With asparagus simple and delicious recipes

They are beginning to show the tip of their buds, white asparagus (the ones in the Sandlands in particular, which have been marked IGP since 2015), green asparagus from Provence or even wild asparagus (not to be confused with asparagus from the forest that is not part of the family Asparagaceae, which are recognizable by … Read more