The Eagles’ chances in playoff boost with Dalvin Cook’s unfortunate diagnosis

It is amazing how one of the most physical sports in the world can so amazingly affect the physical structure. Now, hockey fans may disagree with this, but the NFL may be the most demanding profession from a physical point of view. The guys, whether they’re playing for the Philadelphia Eagles or any of the other 31 teams, place huge physical, mental and emotional demands on themselves. That’s why they’re asking for understandably huge deals. One never knows if the next injury could end his career.

Doctors who help them get back on the field or play through injury can do their jobs for 20 years or so because they usually don’t have to worry about rupturing the ACL, but when a guy plays for an NFL team, the risks are different.

The stars we encourage to constantly punish their bodies, and now we have COVID-19 to worry about the risks even greater.

The Eagles do not have a head-to-head match with the Vikings scheduled but are keeping a close eye on them.

By now, you’ve probably had a dozen or so conversations with your inner circle about Eagles match scenarios and what needs to happen for the birds to get in. It can be hard to keep up with what’s going on, but here’s a quick rundown of some of the conversations that undoubtedly took place in the NovaCare aggregator.

The Eagles have to deal with their own business and beat the teams lining up in front of them, but if they want to achieve post-season, they will need help. This team needs the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings to lose some games, especially seeing how they lost to San Fran in Week 2.

It wouldn’t hurt if the Los Angeles Rams or the Arizona Cardinals had a losing streak to close out the season either, but Philly could benefit from the Exodus of the Niners or the Vikes.

It’s all said to say this. Nobody wants to see injured players. That’s their livelihood, and from a competitive standpoint, you want to beat the teams at full strength so there are no excuses. However, Dalvin Cook, thanks to his addition to the Minnesota/COVID19 reserve list, is likely to feature in the Vikings vs Rams match in Week 16. This puts his team at a disadvantage.

Again, this in no way means that Eagles fans seem ready to take the victory run as Cook is dealing with the effects of the coronavirus. The football world is hoping he is doing well, but there is still a game to be played. Minnesota’s chances of winning that game are lower if Cook can’t go, and in the grand scheme of things that could lead to Los Angeles winning. This helps Philadelphia tremendously.

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