The easy (edible) recipe for a Halloween experience

In a few days, it will be time to get dressed VampireFrom charming or zombies. Of course, you can get everything you need from specialized stores. Moreover, these places also sell fake blood. However, it is much cheaper to make it yourself!

Halloween is happening October 31. This holiday is not as common in France as in the United States or Canada, for example. However, more and more disguised children ring the doorbell, shouting with joy: “trick or treat”! So, on this occasion, why not take the opportunity to dress up and give her a better experience?

Halloween is the perfect dress-up occasion

More and more groups of friends are organizing parties Halloween night. In fact, it’s a chance to meet and do just that deny ! On the other hand, sometimes it is necessary to invest in an outfit … unless you decide to choose All look black ? You can wear a lace suit or blouse and pair it with jeans, leather pants, shorts or a black dress.

However, it is very tempting to leave all panoply vampire to scare his friends. Black and red cloak, white made-up face, pointed teeth…but the blood is missing! However, it is very easy to make using ingredients you probably already have at home. In addition, it will give you a file Edible fake blood !

A very quick and easy recipe to prepare

To do this you will need Chocolate powder or coffee liquid honey Or agave syrup. Do not forget red dye (Can be replaced with ketchup, tomato, beetroot juice, pomegranate juice, or red glaze). The last item isWater. Whether it’s to perfect your zombie outfit or decorate your Halloween table, fake blood is a must!

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Very realistic and edible fake blood

Takes Water Cup and put it soup spoon From liquid honey or agave syrup. Add Tablespoon From Chocolate powder Or coffee, then a little water to dilute the mixture. All that remains is Mix color Add three drops of red food coloring or red paint. If you’d rather use something else, opt instead for ketchup, tomato, pomegranate or beet juice. Watch out for spots With beets, on the other hand!

And now, thanks to this very simple recipeYou can add the final touch to your spooky costume. In fact, it’s the perfect recipe for a successful Halloween party! In fact, it’s all in the details… You can share the recipe with all your friends, or even put a file Big bowl of fake blood On the table on the evening of October 31!

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