The French are successful before the Euro

Emmanuel Langler, Media365: Published on Thursday 30 June 2022 at 08:56

The last meeting of the French team before the Euro will be sold on Friday evening in Orleans.

The euro is coming very soon. The big deadline is approaching because it will take place from July 6 to 31 in England. In a week, it will be the 13th European Women’s Championship in history. Team France, who have never performed better than the quarter-finals in this 1984-born competition, will be striving for their first crown there. But before diving into the deep end, Les Bleues will play one last warm-up match.

Final preparatory match against Vietnam, the 32nd country in the world

After beating Cameroon (4-0) last Saturday in Beauvais in front of 6,348 spectators, the daughters of Corinne Deacon, who have been together since June 9, play their second and final preparatory meeting on Friday evening in Orleans (kick-off at 9:10 pm.). Ten days before their start against Italy, the French will face Vietnam, the 32nd country in the world in the FIFA rankings (Les Bleu is third). Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s partners have been successful since the match ran out.

1 defeat and 3 victories in Orleans for Le Bleu

While there were less than a hundred places left on Monday, those are the remaining places and La Source Stadium will be full (7,500 places). The French team will perform for the fifth time in Orleans. During his first outing in the Orleans area, the Tricolor formation was overtaken by China in 2001 (0-1). She then made up for it well as she won the next three matches against Romania (6-0) on July 6, 2012, Thailand (3-0) on May 25, 2019 and North Macedonia on October 23. 2020. During the latter’s outing, the Bleues found success with an 11-0 victory!

On Friday night, Corinne Deacon may be leaving without Wendy Renard who was relieved of training on Wednesday. The center back and captain of the blue team survived pains in the groin, in the quadriceps. So Renard did not participate in training at Clairefontaine like Grace Giroud and Sakina Kerchaoui, both of whom are in individual recovery. France will attack their Euros against Italy in Rotherham, southern England, on July 10, then face Belgium (July 14) and Iceland (July 18).

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