The gastronomy city of Lyon is releasing a new recipe

Posted on Oct 27, 2022, 9:15 AM

With only a few posts on social networks, the three galleries presented by the Cité internationale de la gastronomie in Lyon to celebrate their reopening filled up in a few hours. The expectation was there. It now remains to be seen whether the new recipe will be able to seduce the public in the long run after more than a year of closure. The components have moved a little.

For a year, the city, the owner of the place, worked with chefs, food artisans, farmers and growers of grapes, as well as associations working in the food sector, as well as nutrition and health actors. Several dozen people responsible for redefining the show “humbly,” says Regis Marcon, project leader.

So the gastronomy city will slowly start with exhibitions, activities and some events, and above all, it will carefully monitor the reactions from the public in order to make any adjustments to avoid sinking a second ship. As for the mods, Regis Marcon already has some ideas. He in particular conjures up a shop of local produce, defining the possibility of cooking and tasting, only to please those who already regret that gastronomy is not further embodied by the possibility of exercising their taste buds.

low price

Modifications to the economic model will also be discussed. The DSP (Public Service Delegation) granted by the former majority Spaniard Magma Cultura who threw in the towel does not appear to be holding the rope. “We give ourselves some time for the new economic model,” Bruno Bernard quips. But the mayor admits that it seems difficult to him to make living in a place of this quality “without public money”. Currently, Greater Lyon is directly managing and committing €1 million annually to the structure responsible for raising the colors of Lyon’s gastronomy. He can count on the project’s ten sponsors, including the Leon Sepp group, who have remained loyal to the position despite the storm. On the ticket side, the city has chosen to lower the entire ticket price from €12 to €7, just to give itself a better chance of filling up with visitors.

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