The Grand Rond rally continues to be successful in Toulouse

This Sunday, like every Sunday of the last month, the Grand Rond took place. This event organized by Cercle des Automobiles Disparues is especially close to my heart, as you probably know.

It was not this new edition that would deny this. In fact, once again, the Grand Rond meeting was full of cars and enthusiasts!

Italians in power at the Grand Ronde

For the end of October edition of the Grand Rond, it was the Italians who would win all the votes. In many, it was Alfa Romeo that stood out first. The latter has already come in large numbers. Lots of Alpha Giulias of course, but a few others as well, Alfasud in particular.

The Lancia Delta HF, Fulvia and Fiat 500 Ferrari Mondial and 328 GTS will make up the rest of this Italian contingent at the Grand Ronde. In the middle of the beautiful Alps, one can also find a small vespa 400 Very nice, even if not really Italian.

The Germans gathered well at the Grand Ronde Rally

If the Italians were too many in the end-October version of the Grand Ronde rally, the Germans were also in good shape. Lots of Porsches of course, 914 and 912 in particular, but also Opel GT, BMW and many more.

The English battalion at the Grand Ronde

The English were not there to make up the numbers at the Grand Ronde rally. There too, there were some very cute models. Jaguar XK140s, Triumphs and MGs are in disarray including the MG C GT I haven’t seen much in these places. Lotus Elan and very desirable Aston Martin DB6 Complete this picture. The mini also came in droves this time again.

Little French girls at the Grand Ronde pool

Finally, let’s not forget the French in the October edition of the Grand Ronde Rally. They were also worth a detour. There were many Citroëns, 2CVs of course, but also DS and Traction. For the rest, some Matra and Rene Bonnet Degit but also Renault Ondine.

Among these beautiful French ladies, there were also a few before the war. Citroën B12 boulangère, C6, De Dion Bouton, Peugeot 201 and Renault Monaquatre were already there.

Weird Europeans at the Grand Ronde Rally

Let’s finish this overview of the European beauty at the Grand Rond with more exotic models. Actually, if I can put a file difficult 96 In another category, Burton and Lomax were slightly different from other Europeans. They both use the same mechanisms, those of the 2CV, but they also have a certain character that makes them unique.

Americans gather at the Grand Rond

Slightly fewer in this version at the end of October than the Grand Ronde rally, the Americans will still stand out. Aside from the usual Corvettes and Mustangs, we also came across a Ford Thunderbird, an Excalibur with a very baroque look and a devastating AC Cobra.

Once again, this fall edition of the Grand Rond will be full. The event continues to attract a lot of people. This is explained by the good weather, of course, but also by the quantity and quality of the different cars available above all.

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