The real recipe for Tart Tatin and its secrets to ensure its success

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Invented at Two Sisters’ Restaurant in Solonia, Tart Tatin is a fall classic. Discover his true recipe, compatible with modern methods.

It is one of the most famous sweets in France, and it is filled with a legend about its origin. Tart season is in full swing with apple season. Its success is due in particular to its simplicity. You don’t need to be a master pastry chef. However, to make the tart tatin real and succeed every timeThere are some tricks to follow. These were revealed by the Regional Tourism Commission of the Val-de-Loire Centre. Actually in Cologne, the Tatin sisters made the dessert, at the hotel restaurant in Lamotte Beaufron, south of Orleans.

According to legend, one of the sisters, Stephanie, was the establishment’s chef and had apple pie for the specialty. One busy day, she forgot the dough before putting the cake in the oven, so it could have been added later. Another version of her is pouring her pie and putting it back in the oven upside down. Stubborn stories, but nothing can be true. Simply put, Stephanie Tatin invented the pie that bears her name.

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Original Tarte Tatin recipe

The recipe, dictated to a landmark in the area, was found and published in 1921. It recommends using a charcoal stove lined with live embers, and having a strong fire as shown below. Nowadays we prefer Put in the oven at 220 degrees. The chef also explained that it is necessary to “use a copper plate, otherwise this pie will not be so tasty[it] It never worked.” Likewise, new technologies make it possible to overcome these instructions, but we will choose Highly heat conductive material, avoiding flexible molds. Knead vigorously 200g of butter and use it to coat your plate. Add ” Good layer of sugar powder or crystalline.

Stephanie Tatin recommended the use of ” hard apple Like an apple or an elephant. Cut it into pieces that “should be arranged carefully in the plate”. Make “as many layers as the plate can fit in”, and cover the “apples with a thick layer of granulated sugar”, describe his recipe in detail. Count for this about 1.5 kg. “Apart, I made a dough with flour, butter, and water. Roll it up Thin as possible, 1 millimeter ; Spread it on the apples and cut them around the plate and cover. “Be careful, the lid should not touch the dough. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.” When you are done cooking, take a plate with which you cover the pie and turn it over. Then the top becomes the bottom. Serve hot. »

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