The recipe-free road trip with the Try Guys team has been filmed at various cooking venues


In May 2018, after a huge success with BuzzFeed, Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang launched their own YouTube channel, Try Guys. As the title suggests, the hilarious quartet will “try” anything anyone throws, including cooking without instructions on how to prepare the dishes.

After thriving on YouTube for several years, the Try Guys brought their talents to Food Network and Discovery Plus with their show No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys. According to the series’ press release, the collaboration with the funny quartet was a perfect match. Jane Lattman, Head of Home, Food, and Live Content for Warner Bros. Discovery said the network wanted to “bring eye-catching humor, culinary creativity and the joy of eating to our viewers.”

Every week Try Guys visits new restaurants for the first time in several different cities. Here we have the scoop on the filming locations for the No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys.

Source: Food Network “No Recipe Road Trip With the Truy Guys” includes Nashville filming locations, fig.

No Recipe Road With the Try Guys premiered the pilot episode, “Dosas and Wedding Cakes,” on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. In the first episode, Try Guys toured the Chaatable in Nashville, Tennessee, owned by Chef Manette Chauhan. In the episode, the Try Guys team recreated their own version of the dosas, a popular Indian common food.

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The Try Guys don’t stop their fun at Chaatable. Later in the episode, they went to Triple Crown Bakery in Franklin, Tennessee. While they’re there, the guys try not to spoil chef and owner Alena Vaughn’s wedding cakes, which are multi-tiered.

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Next, the Try Guys team travel to Los Angeles, California.

Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach head to Los Angeles to soak up the sun and famous restaurants in Episode 2 of No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys. On their first stop, Try Guys chose to reach Chef Christy Vega’s famous tamale point, Casa Vega. Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey are among the clientele of James Beard Award-winning chefs.

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Afterwards, Try Guys calms down with a treatment at SideCar Donuts in San Diego. They fried cakes alongside Executive Chef Erica Veramontes.

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Episode 3 takes place in Charleston, South Carolina

In Season 1, Episode 3, “Chicken Wings and Pizza,” Try Guys was filmed in two locations in Charleston, South Carolina and the first restaurant was Lenoir. Lenoir’s owner, TV personality Vivien Howard, gave the group a taste of their famous spiky wings. According to the episode description, The Try Guys didn’t realize how hot the Charleston wing was until they bit into one.

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After the “Hot Ones” experience, the team follows guest judge Kardea Brown to Coastal Crust. There, Try Guys seeks to impress Brian Piesner by taking “a pair of vintage mobile pizza ovens for a steady test drive in a race to feed 20 hungry people.”

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Then they went to Atlanta, Georgia.

The No Recipe Road With the Try Guys Episode 4, “Vegan Burgers and Thai Noodles,” is set in another area of ​​Dirty South. This week the group travels to Atlanta, Georgia, where they are collaborating with guest judge J. Garvin. On the first filming location, Try Guys went to Slutty Vegan, a vegan food truck owned and operated by Pinky Cole. Pinky puts the group to the test with a food truck challenge.

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After his stint at Slutty Vegan, Try Guys tries to cook up Chef DeeDee Niyomkul’s menu for his Chai Yo restaurant. The challenge isn’t easy, as DeeDee won contests against famous Food Network star Bobby Flay.

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Finally, Try Guys travels to Santa Barbara, California.

The final filming location for Try Guys was Santa Barbara, California. In the episode “Fish and Croissants,” the cast competes with the help of guest judge Mike Chen. First, they go to Chef Preston Knox’s restaurant, Barbarino. Chef Preston watches the group as they try basic seafood cooking skills, such as drying seafood.

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Next, the Try Guys team headed to Bree’Osh Bakery, owned by Chef Pierre Henri, where they made their own stuffed croissants.

Watch new episodes of No Recipe Road Trip With the Try Guys on Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST. Viewers can also stream the show on Discovery Plus.


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