The recipes you cook are written… on tombstones

An American woman depicts herself cooking engraved dishes and recipes in tombstones. The real “hobbie”, this practice attracts many curious people on its social networks.

Each has his hobbies but he abnormal. An American librarian decided to travel across the United States A tour of the cemeteries. his goal? recover Recipes engraved on tombstones and their cooking. These are the details of their discoveries and sweets On his TikTokghostlyarchive. Which is a success: Rosie Grant got it already Over 4.7 million likes. It must be said that his discoveries were surprising: Epitaphs detailing sweet and sometimes savory recipesMost of them are excavated on the graves of women who died less than 30 years ago. Of the dozens of recipes, only one was inscribed on a man’s grave. With the Halloween celebrations, some of these videos were Viewed over a million times.

What are the recipes?

It was during an apprenticeship period in Washington Cemetery Digital Archive The student made her first amazing discovery dedicated to her TikTok: spritz cookies. And the result was there, Naomi Odessa Miller Dawson’s cupcakes, who died at 87 in 2009, were delicious. Rosie Grant continued her preparations with subordinate “Snicker Doodles”And the Also called “sugar cookies” “The best meatloaf in the world” or even a “Cobbler for fishing”, An American specialty that can be compared to a crumb. “Many of them [les femmes décédées] You have grandchildren and great-grandchildren on TikTok. Many of them commented on the videos Saying, “Hello, this is my grandmother, this is the recipe we used to make, I recommend you make it like this,” Explains amateur cooking.

In these posts, the 33-year-old woman portrays herself Tasting the preparations in front of the tombs with the original recipe. her wayHonoring the deceased. Among these discoveries most viewed on the Chinese social network: The “Candy Kay”, understand “kai fondant”. With a touch of humor to finalize the details of the preparation, Kay chose a certain subtlety: “Pour the mixture on a marble slab before eating it.”

Among the difficulties encountered in the activity of the “recipe hunter on the tombstone”, Instructions are limited. “There’s not much room on the tombstone.”Rosie Grant explains to AFP. So it should, for example, Often guess the cooking time. But every time It’s a success. The American also used to end her videos with shoutingHe’s a killer! “

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