The Royal Recipe for Jam Beanies, the snack that Elizabeth II ate every day of her life

Queen Elizabeth II on an official visit to Northern Ireland in 1977. Getty Images

in between cakes and small sandwiches tea time The daily life of Elizabeth II, one of her little sins, unbeatable from her tender childhood, stood out: Jam pennies. Here is the recipe.

It was a constant ritual. For more than ninety years, no matter where in the world she was, Queen Elizabeth II’s afternoons were peppered with traditional tea time. A brunch and dinner snack, Chef Darren McGrady has been preparing for over a decade. A year ago, this former Buckingham Palace employee revealed on his Youtube channel how to recreate this tea time Royal, reveals the Queen’s favorite snack. And if Leonardo da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Elizabeth II would not agree.

Among raisin cakes, gingerbread, chocolate biscuits, or York ham sandwiches, one snack has never been missing: Jam pennies. A somewhat retro and surprising snack, as it consists of a simple sandwich of butter and jam. Cut into small, round bites reminiscent of an Old English shark, jampennies For their part, the Queen prepared with homemade Scottish strawberry jam, picked in the gardens of Balmoral Castle.

According to Darren McGrady, Elizabeth II has enjoyed these jam sandwiches since her childhood. “The Queen was already eating Jam pennies In nursery school when she was just a little girl. Since then, I order it at every afternoon tea. During her platinum jubilee, she didn’t hesitate to honor tradition by shooting in a comic scene alongside Paddington Bear. about tea timewas seen pulling a jam sandwich out of her bag in response to Britain’s favorite teddy bear, saying she, too, always keeps it on hand in case of an “emergency”.

Video, a sketch of Queen Elizabeth II with Paddington Bear

When his disappearance was announced on September 8, thousands of Britons paid tribute to him by depositing jam sandwiches and soft toys bearing the image of Paddington Bear in London’s Green Park. The gesture has since been banned by the Royal Parks Department.

Recipe Royal Jam Pines


  • Two slices of white bread
  • ghee
  • Strawberry jam


  • Spread butter on a piece of bread
  • Spread strawberry jam on the other slice of bread
  • Collect the two loaves
  • Using a 3 cm diameter round cookie cutter, cutpennies“.

To enjoy a delicious cup of still steaming Earl Gray tea.


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