The search for solidarity eggs in the gardens of the town hall of Tulle (Correz) succeeded.

The weather, brimming with a halo of summer sun almost, like roaring desires, was yesterday, Sunday, April 17, in time for a traditional Easter egg hunt. To combine fun and useful, the organizing association Vivre en pays de Tulle, in the garden of the Tulle Town Hall, has added a beautiful element to the agenda: solidarity.

Young and old invaded by the initiative

For €2 per participant, young and old are invited to find mysterious phrase words scattered throughout the park. Once this was reconstituted (“the bells came out of their bubble to bring their eggs to Tulle”), the lucky researchers were rewarded with chocolate rewards.

“All funds raised, from participation in fishing, but also in raffles in partnership with CFA des 13 Vents or sales of cakes and drinks, will be donated entirely to a Solidarity Fund of Ukraine,” he explained, with a smile on her face, Amelie Amelie, Secretary of the Association.To get the precious chocolate treasure, you had to find the clues and solve the puzzle.

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A smile goes along with the good attendance of the day, identifying, in her words, “many families were already there even before the park opened.” If young participants, such as Lou and his two-and-a-half-year-old twin brother Liam, show explicit satisfaction by going for clues and winning the chocolate reward, then the parents will be happy, too.

Great success in attendance!

“It is a fun time to share with the family every year. But with this dimension of aid to Ukraine, the situation is even better. We tell ourselves we are also giving something to all those who are going through very difficult times,” said a father who came with his son and young cousin.

Creative arts, reading, sign language, astronomy … A complete program for young vacationers in Tulle (Correz)

Thanks to the support of several institutional and private partners, the organizing association has been able to benefit from the chocolate donations and thus hopes to make a large sum for the good cause. Which seems to be going well. “We’ve never seen so many people in the town hall lawn!” Vice Mayor Jeremy Novaes rejoiced.

Julian Bachelieri


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