The Secret of Oyster Pasta by Denny’s Embroisi

Lovely French pasta: 500,000 tons are consumed annually, and every week by “Pasta così!”, 20 minutes It teaches you how to cook the original recipe well. Today, Italian chef Deni Imbroisi is in charge of the kitchen. The former Top Chef has three addresses, Ida (for signature cuisine), Epoca (more trattoria) and Malro (wider Mediterranean). This is where we first tasted linguine alle vongole, succulent pasta with clam, very creamy and iodized.

Rub the oysters in the salted water

A classic in Italy, Denny Imbrose did not fail to include the recipe in his book table in the sun (Wepedia Books Editor). “Nothing too complicated, Denny asserts, but it does require specific timing and real coordination. First, the selection of ingredients. The pasta, of course: 120g per person per main course. The chef prefers linguini, a type of flat spaghetti, which he will choose with very coarse grains.” , “If possible from Gragnano, in the Naples region.” And oysters whose sand you have to know how to get rid of. “If you are at sea, rinse with sea water,” advises Deni Imbroisi. Otherwise, take a liter of water and add 330 grams of salt to it, because Sea water contains 33% salt. We are going to rub them well three times in this water, washing them each time under a stream of fresh water and immersing them again in this salt water.” The salt water is to encourage them to open up until they empty their sand. Be careful, the chef warns: ‘If the vongol remains closed, the sand will only come out during cooking and it will be a disaster for the sauce. » Denny’s Trick: Tap each shell on the work surface to make sure it releases its sand. If there is a whole sound, it should be set aside, because the resonance that is emptied from its sand always has the same resonance. »

We will not back down from the pasta recipe explained in detail in the video shot by 20 minutes. But for those who did not pay attention, we will remember some tips that Denny recommends for all kinds of pasta.

The rule “one, ten, one hundred”: for one liter of water, add 10 g of salt to cook 100 grams of pasta. “With this, you’ll never have a problem with the amount of salt again,” laughs the chef. The other rule is to make sure that the total duration indicated on the package is to add the start of cooking in the boiling water and the end of the cooking in the sauce. In the case of linguine alle vongole, it’s seven minutes in boiling water, then five minutes in oysters. The vongol had been pre-cooked for two minutes, dipped in a little olive oil, a clove of garlic, a few sprigs of parsley, and a glass of white wine.

Small cup of cooking water

Another recommendation: Denny Imbroisi drains the pasta without rinsing it, as he will finish cooking by adding a little more starchy water. “Always keep a small cup of the pasta cooking water, it’s essential. This is the trick that will help you get creamy pasta without adding butter or cheese, even if it’s obvious, in seafood, we don’t add cheese. We will cook the linguini again with the juice, with Clams, and tomatoes, with a few scoops of cooking water until tender, twelve minutes. Twelve minutes is what it says on your pasta package. We in Italy always cook a little less because we like pasta al dente, which makes it more digestible.”

Before arranging the pasta in a dish, Denny adds ground pepper and a drizzle of olive oil to it, then mixes it well by flipping it in the pan to emulsify, as shown in the video. “You’ll incorporate the air and cool them,” says the chef. So it is necessary to hurry up a little, not forgetting to add some shells, previously set aside, for decoration.

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