The winning recipe for the national team

The national team is already the most successful in the history of national football, with all categories and disciplines combined. PhD FRMF

By winning the sixth edition of the Arab Cup on Tuesday in Dammam, the national futsal team will be passed on to future generations. This title, the third in three consecutive posts – the fourth in its history – confirms the long-term work started and maintained by Hisham Deqieg.

In a few years’ time, as future generations go through the history books devoted to Moroccan football, the chapter on the national futsal team should be written in gold. Because the precious metal has become the favorite – and successful – quest for a group of players whose hunger for victories is insatiable. And the evidence was presented Tuesday, in Saudi Arabia, on the occasion of the sixth Arab Cup final, when Hisham Deqieg’s men tamed Iraq (3-0), thus successfully defending their title in their pocket in 2021 in Egypt. A second Arab crown, which comes in addition to the African crowns (2016 and 2020) which gives the status of the best continental and regional team on the Atlas Lions.

“I think the work done by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation made it possible to have a competitive team at this level,” said national coach Hicham Deghigh after the final. We have four professional players, two of whom are from the national championship. It is true that FRMF has made the futsal selection a true model of management and supervision. But the great merit belongs above all to the coach who, over the years, has become the embodiment of this team. “I have been here for ten years and these players are like my children. The relationship between us has become patriarchal.”

From the genesis of pain to unlimited ambition

Ten years ago, the national team was preparing for the first World Cup, when several of its members had a tragic traffic accident. Despite a serious spinal injury, Hicham Deqieg insists on leading his team to the world championship. Since then, this team has only been disappointed on a few rare occasions. Three consecutive World Cup matches, with a place in the quarter-finals in Lithuania last year, two African titles and an Arab Cup, made it a real winning machine.

A well-oiled machine is not about to stop, as evidenced by the ambition shown by Ashraf Saud, one of the most prominent players. “We reached the quarter-finals of the last World Cup, and it is natural that we aim higher,” Saud said. Our ambition is to now reach the semi-finals and, why not, reach the final. The choices that will find themselves on their way to the Atlas Lions have been warned.


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