The winning recipe for the new Berlin bar in Châtelet

Opened at full capacity for six months, the Berliner Wunderbar of Châtelet has opened in Paris, seats two DJs at once, has a club and doesn’t forget the basics of the sign.

This is undoubtedly the Berliner Wunderbar’s most ambitious institution – one that has already seen the most ups and downs since its opening. Launched in “Take-out” in the spring of 2021 and then on the balcony so that it can finally welcome its customers, after work was delayed due to the health crisis, Châtelet Bar, rue des Lombards (4y Circle of Paris) finally allows its customers to enjoy a balcony (a first for the brand), its elegant master room, and another defining feature, the “MiniKlub”, a cellar that can be converted into a mini disco. Thus two DJs can be hosted simultaneously (from Thursday to Saturday), which makes it possible to strengthen Berlin’s musical roots – playlists are regularly updated, and nightclubs are organized in Paris.

Berliner Wunderbar Chatelet - Miniklub

The Miniklub team takes turns in a designated area.

Berliner Wunderbar Chatelet - Miniklub

Berliner Wunderbar Chatelet - Miniklub

Downstairs, the double room from MiniKlub.

“We have the same customers as in Bastille (opened 2015, editor’s note) and Pigalle (opened 2017), but with more space and more things to manage”, says Kevin, Director. In the basement, the MiniKlub, which can be privatized, can accommodate 50 people standing. It has an independent bar, with a slightly discounted menu (single draft spout, bottled beer, the whole family of mules in cocktails and the Berliner Spritz, a bestseller). “We train new bartenders in this place. You have to know how the bar works, and you have to know how to deal with a rush, even with fewer customers”Renaud determines who is in charge of the club. Two to three people work in this space.

Blonde beer and spritz in the program

Berliner Wunderbar Chatelet - Currywurst

Basic curry.

In terms of drinks, you can’t miss the many beers – you’re really in a German pub. Augustiner Brau, a blond beer, is a bestseller. The team takes care of 2 to 3 cm of foam. “The Germans are very happy to be able to find it on tap”Kevin adds. An Oktoberfest-type reference, but very aromatic, which can be savored as an accompaniment to basic curries, the first selling food with pastries and sharing plates. Note however: the hot sauce may surprise you.

Berliner Wunderbar Chatelet - Berliner Spritz

Berliner Spritz

The Berliner Spritz is a punchy side, thanks to the addition of ginger ale as well as gin and Aperol. A fun cocktail to drink, yet a lot more plump than the original Spritz recipe. Lemon, mint, and elderflower are the ingredients for another cocktail on the list, the Ugo Spritz. The Moscow mule is at the top of the cocktails most consumed during happy hour.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Consume discreetly.


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