Theater and Prayer, the recipe for the Révélateur troupe to evangelize on stage

With Catherine Labory’s musical coming to a close, Révélateur is already preparing for the sequel. The actors still played the first weekend of April two final times, finishing off an 18-date season that drew 3,000 spectators. “The goal of our performance in general is to show that saints are from today, and should be milestones in our lives.”Father Jean-Marie Luc, brother of Saint Jean, co-author and director of the play, explains. This year, a show pick on Catherine Laboure and a superhero medal was a natural choice: “The miracle medal spread during the epidemic and we wrote this text during confinement”.

Each year, a new show is written and presented by this troupe, which prepares at the headquarters of the Théâtre Révélateur. Father Jean-Marie Luc is the origin of all these projects. Its primary goal: to provide training, as an alternative or in addition to Scouting, to help young people (and non-young people) learn to master skills related to the world of theater. “This project, which celebrates its 25th anniversary, is simply a Catholic theater school project. In addition to weekly classes for all age groups, we offer two three-week camps each summer. These are very complete experiences, both artistically and spiritually: Mass and Eucharistic vigils from On the one hand, and theatrical activities on the other…Two sides of the camp complement each other.And at the end of the summer, this band has become a band that finds itself happy to defend its show during the year.” This year, summer camps for young people aged 13-17 are taking place from July 6 to 26 or from August 3 to 23.

Go on stage in his life

To carry out each show, a whole battalion of competent and enthusiastic young people is needed: songs, choreography, acting, but also sets, make-up, sound, light … Everything is entrusted to the young members of the troupe and supervised by the most experienced among them. Their motto: Training young people to rise to the stage of their lives. “It is possible that not all of these young people will choose to have a career as artists, but one day they will have to step up to that point, which may be the CEO, the parents’ delegate, the students, or the union official…Father Jean-Marie Luc explains. Every day he will speak. Not to mention their oral exams, their future job interviews, and all the other opportunities they’ll have to take advantage of in their theatrical experience! »

If these courses are opened for the first time for young people, there are not only them: “A lot of mothers seem to be interested in what their children are going through here. So we opened classes for them, which helps them relieve the stress of the week, between mothers … It was a huge success, because there is a real demand!”

A real way to preach

Ultimately, the musical is recorded in the studio and allows Reflator to release an album each year. “Everything is professional in this adventure, there is no hobby, even if we do not live from this art.” Their next project? The release of a series of comics featuring events from their previous shows. While current events have shaped Catherine Laboure’s selection for this year’s performances, the war in Eastern Europe has prompted Revelator playwrights to write about the life of Saint Faustina, a Polish saint from the first half of the 20th century. A way to convey the wisdom of the saints, every year, to thousands of spectators. As Father Jean-Marie Luc concludes, Artists need the church to grow, and vice versa. We try to create bridges between these two worlds, so that their talents enhance each other. »

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