These Aldi recipe ideas will allow you to prepare an unforgettable appetizer

The aperitif is good, but when you can eat something other than french fries and peanuts, that’s even better! So Aldi decided to bring you a selection of easy and delicious recipes to give your appetizers even more flair and color. Whether they are with family, friends or co-workers, you will surprise everyone!

From small bites, to cakes and stir-fries, the appetizers will make for a truly diverse, well-balanced, sun-kissed meal at Aldi prices! Young and old alike will be able to enjoy seasonal produce and flavors from the South. There will be something for everyone. Trust Aldi to bring you the best appetizer recipes for this summer.

The easiest appetizer recipes with Dad

There are super easy appetizer recipes that everyone will love, like the famous ham and olive cake. They are very easy to make, they are most appreciated in number. With Aldi, also discover how to make delicious bush ham rolls for a nice touch of freshness! To diversify the fun, go all out with Aldi’s ham and cheese cupcake or marinated mini salmon cakes: guaranteed success at your table!

Also add some color to your appetizers with Aldi, thanks to these recipes between land and sea. And for those who prefer the sea side only: Aldi offers timeless shrimp appetizers or britton pancakes with cheese and shrimp. Finally, for the cheese side, as well as mini dice, sticks of Comté or Gruyère, or mozzarella balls at Aldi prices, feel free to test classic gougères with Comté.

Aldi gives you the secret to fried foods and breadcrumbs to die for

A little fat, but also more satiating, fried or breaded dishes are perfect for your dinner appetizer. You love them, but don’t know how to prepare them? Aldi offers you the recipe and the different secrets of preparing the famous Sicilian dish Arancini. These melted rice and cheese balls will not leave anyone indifferent. And Aldi explains how to make it step by step. Also allow yourself to be tempted by a breaded pork croquette or a melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella croquette!

Aldi also invites you to make a brick recipe with spicy meat and corn to vary the flavors and takes you on a journey with every bite! And what about vegetables in all of this? You can definitely serve up carrot or cucumber sticks to dip in a yogurt-lemon-chives sauce for the fresh side, or you can also tickle your guests’ palate with this Aldi ice cream recipe. Tomato and cheese chips.

Of course, you can find all the ingredients at low prices at Aldi to prepare all your appetizer recipes! The only problem is that after tasting the small appetizers offered by Aldi, you risk being systematically on duty this summer!

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These Aldi recipe ideas will allow you to prepare an unforgettable appetizer

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