Third sheet, Guillaume Overnoy beer and Pierre Marcolini’s gray shrimp croquette

Beer: Overnoy Brewery – The third sheet

Price: 3.70 € for 33 cl

Beer brewed by a winemaker. One could weep for a quack, yet this blond beer deserves its nickname, while retaining its roots from vineyards and jura. It is none other than Guillaume Overnoy, nephew of Pierre Overnoy, the true star of the natural Jura wine, which is the origin of the Jura mousse. After acquiring 5.5 hectares of vineyards from family ownership in 2013, he decided to convert the entire farm to organic farming and did not hesitate to restructure the wine collection, by offering wines that are gradually dispensed with inputs, while reducing the involvement of winemaking. In addition to keeping the ownership of Overnoy in an ingenious hand, the resourceful young winemaker decided to respond after the terrible episode of the 2017 frost, by launching a brewing business. This is how the Overnoy brewery was born. Named the third leaf in reference to the first harvest of the vine, this blond lager proudly bears its jura identity. In the secret to the generous yeast that gives its round, generous fruit, the original savannah yeasts have been pollinated to put a touch of yellow wine at the heart of this delicately bitter mousse. To be enjoyed cold, accompanied by delicious gray shrimp croquettes or simply in good company.

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Recipe: Pierre Marcolini Gray Shrimp Croquette

Pierre Marcolini has been twice crowned as a world-class pastry chef, and it’s far from a stop at chocolate or pastry. Born in Belgium to a family of Italian descent and passionate about cooking and baking from an early age, the chef has built a chocolate empire in his image, generous and observant. Here, he offers us an emblematic Belgian recipe for gray shrimp croquettes, to enjoy while still hot before cooling down with our blonde Overnoy beer.

Discover here the ingredients to have in your shopping bag and the complete Pier Marcolini Gray Shrimp Croquette recipe

For sweetening, to finish your drink: Brioche with peaches, raspberry juice and black pepper

French toast with peaches, berries juice and black pepperBrioche is lost to rediscover the yeast flavor of our blonde beer, and a peach is as rich as it is gourmet to finish your sip and celebrate summer.

Find the recipe here for free access on Madame Figaro

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