This chef has found the unstoppable recipe for recruiting. As a result, he is mired in biographies.

Contrary to the current trend, CVs of candidates for work are piling up at the office of Eric Guérin, Distinguished Chef at Mare aux Oiseaux, in Saint-Joachim (Loire-Atlantique). As his colleagues struggle to get hired, orders pile up at the restaurateur. This owes nothing to chance. explain to West of France How he succeeded in making the job attractive again to his employees.

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The epidemic has significantly weakened the restaurant business. Between confinement and curfews, employees have discovered the joys of evenings and free moments with family or friends. As a result, fewer and fewer of them are willing to comply with the demands of hard work with long hours, risky contracts and low salaries. This summer again, as we’ve seen, the sector is no longer attracting and restaurateurs struggle to hire.

To counteract this situation, Chef Eric Guerin has found a solution that seems to suit his staff. Even better, it attracts many candidates looking for better working conditions. In June 2021, he announced on his restaurant’s Facebook page: “In order to respect the well-being of my team, the restaurant will close at midnight on Monday.”. A year later, the bet is made.

Goodbye “infinite hours”

“Before Covid, we could have finished at 2 or 3 a.m. People arrived around 9:30 p.m., went to the garden, had an aperitif, and, without realizing it, sat down to eat at 10 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Two and four we can keep pastries until 1 a.m. a.m. After that we clean… for long hours. Today, we receive the last order at 9:15 p.m. At 11:30 p.m., the kitchen closes in nine out of ten instances And the pastry chefs leave at midnight.”

Eric Guerin in western France

A new dynamic is particularly driven by the 11pm curfew, the chef explains. “We said to ourselves: It’s incredible, we can do it.”

As a result, Eric Guerin rejects three to four resumes per day. Candidates suggest that I wait several months for a place to become available. Everyone complains, I’m packed. I have a real waiting listas he says West of France.

In addition to the fewer late closings, the entire week’s organization has been redesigned. “We have prepared two and a half days off and every two and a half months of the weekend for 3 and a half days in order to always improve our working conditions”the chef explains in a Facebook post.

I posted this message a year ago, and since then we’ve respected the contract! No more tables until 2am…

Written by Eric Guerin on Friday, June 17, 2022

A recipe that works financially, too. “Economically, I find myself there too, and that confirms the restaurateur. We focused our customers on working days. So we’re always full. While we were serving 40 to 20 wraps, now we’re always full. Nowadays [fin juillet]We are full until mid-September, and there we have also set up a waiting list. »

Modern and good management

As young workers are increasingly accused of not wanting to work anymore, Eric Guerin reveals another truth. For him, this is not due to lack of will, but to the fact that these young people “She no longer wishes to submit to our professions but to live them fully with their differences.”

Against the wall, our professions have yet to evolve with the full awareness of a new generation, and for a chef of over fifty years old, believe me, it is good to be guided on the path of tomorrow and live in the harmony of a happy, engaged and cohesive team to welcome you …

Eric Guerin on Facebook

In order not to disgust the restaurant staff, but to motivate them, Eric Gorin also considered his management. “to listen”And the ” accident “And the “to accompany”And the “to question ourselves”are the keys to keeping his team with him for as long as possible. Detect small defects before they turn into cracks. We no longer lose anyone because our role is to take care of everyone. » And it works. “Before, we had a year’s turnover, and today we are in three years.”

So what are other restaurateurs waiting for to follow suit?

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