This girl was accepted into high school…as a recipe!

Parcoursup is a concern every year for all high school students seeking admission to the institution of their choice. Especially since system flaws are regularly reported. Another was discovered by a high school student from Pau. She told on TikTok that when making her choices at Parcoursup, she made a mistake and chose a health law license that didn’t matter to her. So, to minimize her chances, she decided to send in a cover letter, which is crazy to say the least.

Like France Bleu’s report, the message in question begins with a quote from Coluche: “English cuisine: if it is cold it is soup, if it is hot it is beer”. Before proceeding: “French cuisine is more subtle, I would like to share with you the traditional French recipe: Russian”. Then follows the famous Béarnais cake recipe. A priori, any serious examination of this application should have eliminated the candidate. But that’s without relying on its stellar track record, and the logistical constraints of universities.

Parcoursup: A Cake Recipe That Opens Doors to Law School

Realizing that there was still a risk that her nomination would pass, she decided to tell it all on TikTok. So I started telling the whole story in April. On June 2, she received Parcoursup’s response: to her surprise, she was accepted into the sector’s waiting list in thirteenth place. The next day, she was called to tell her she was accepted into the health code. The news of his application being accepted quickly caught TikTok’s attention.

His post quickly garnered more than 2 million views and nearly 200,000 likes. She explains: “Originally [je voulais] laugh a little. Then after I said to myself ‘Maybe also show everyone that the cover letters, we’ve been asked to spend a lot of time on them, and we’re nervous about them, when in fact we don’t necessarily look at them. It was fun to do that.”as you say.

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What the story doesn’t say specifically is what the student eventually did. In the TikTok videos, we can see that the course in question was the opposite of Agen Law – but the student finally chose another course at Bayonne Law School. We wish him the best in the future!

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