This home cook from Var offers an amazing autumnal recipe

She loves the changing seasons that give her a new set of flavours. Guide with this autumnal recipe provided by Magali Armando, alias Chef Mag.

This is also one of the points in which the young woman, the home cook, is particularly interested: to prefer seasonal products, in short circuit.
An engineer in the petrochemical industry, in 2016 she took advantage of a workforce reduction plan to change lanes and experiment with her love of cooking and baking. So I joined the CFA du Beausset and passed the culinary and pastry exams in one year. “I did my apprenticeship at Les Oliviers at the Hôtel Île Rousse in Bandol, along with Jeremy Kasablicki.”

Once she graduated, she had her teeth cut at various homes, mainly in season, before settling down in 2019 as a home cook. “I’ve had so much, I loved to cook like this, to organize. It’s a little natural to customize the show and bring the restaurant home.”

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You just have to give her your ideas about the meal, the number of people, and she will take care of everything: the ingredients list once the menu is decided, the shopping, the preparations, of course. When the time is up, you service, then you clean, tidy and slide away once the service is over. Maximum threshold for it: sixty people, in appetizer bites in particular, would not be a meal on the plate as the major catering providers in the area could serve.

The hot and cold appetizers you choose to prepare for us meet their requirements in terms of seasonal flavours, to which they add a little bit of whimsy. In her first career, Magali often traveled to Asia and Thailand, retaining a craving for certain flavors, such as the lemongrass found in this savory and spicy and cold squash. An accessible recipe, which she will also present on Saturday, October 8, during Gourmet Autumn, in Beausset.

Let’s go in the kitchen!

the recipe

for 4 people
– 50 gm of wheat (preferably organic) per person
– 1 small pumpkin
– 3 pink radishes, 2 green
– 1 stick of lemongrass
– 2 green onions
– 2 sticks of fresh ginger
– 1 kaffir lime
– 50 g of pumpkin seeds
To prepare the sauce:
– A small bunch of mint and a small bunch of chives
– 300 gm Greek yogurt
– 1 pomegranate
– 1 leek
Olive oil, salt, pepper
For decoration:
Wild fennel flowers from the garden

Spell a little
Rinse the wheat once or twice before immersing it in salted boiling water. Bake for 40 minutes.

Cut green and pink radishes into julienne slices and then into small cubes. For reservations.
Cut the fennel into thin slices (using a mandolin) and dip it in cold water with ice cubes. Thus, “it will become crunchy, and for training, it will be easier to handle.” Put it in the fridge.
Cut the lemongrass into thin slices, keeping the hardest part in frying with the pumpkin. It will then be necessary to crush it until it fully reveals its aroma. Reserve only the stalk core for seasoning.
Cut the pumpkin into small cubes. Fry them in a stick of butter, along with the pumpkin seeds and lemongrass, over high heat for 5 minutes. Let it cool and set aside.

Cut green onions. Cut the core of the lemongrass stalk. Cut the ginger into very thin slices, then chop it julienne. Add kaffir lime zest. A little salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil until the end. Then mix the cooked buckwheat and the cooked pumpkin with the pumpkin seeds (taking care to remove the small, solid parts of the lemongrass that were just there for taste).

the sauce
Chop the mint and chives. Mix with pomegranate seeds and chopped shallots. Season with salt and pepper and add Greek yogurt. to mix together.

A circle is used to serve the starter in the form of rice. “You can also simply wear a bowl of soup,” the chef explains. Care was taken to mix chopped vegetables with wheat, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. Garnish with fennel slices, add a good spoonful of chutney on the side, fennel wildflowers for garnish…and enjoy!

Chef Mag, caterer and in-house chef. –
@chefmag83 on Instagram


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