This two-ingredient recipe from yesterday is for enjoying cherries in all seasons!

This recipe requires only two ingredients to make it: sugar and cherries! It is very easy to prepare, all you have to do is get started.

You might have found it, it’s the recipe for cherries in syrup. This recipe is from yesterday assured And it can be eaten in kind instead of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In cakes or even in a fruit salad.

How do you prepare this recipe?

To prepare this recipe, all you need are some jars. Aside from that sugar and good cherry! in 40 minutes Hardly, the role will be played. It’s as simple as hi! This is the perfect recipe for keeping a bit of summer at dessert time, even in the winter!

you need to own 2 jars For this recipe cherry in syrup. Also, 1 kg of granulated sugar for 2 liters of water and 2 kg of fresh cherries. To prepare, wash the cherries well, then peel them. Put them in the jar that will have been pre-burned. Then fill it up last and prepare the drink.

To achieve this, you need to dissolve the sugar with a little water until it boils. Then cook for 2 to 3 minutes, then pour the syrup over the cherries in jars, then close. For this recipe, wait 30 minutes, it’s time to sterilize and wait for winter Who follows to taste it.

Bring back empty jam jars from the store. to make sure keepIt is highly recommended to use sterilizing jars and jars. In order for your recipe to be well preserved, it is important for you to invest in new adjustable lids with a compatible core.

Simple sweets from cherries

It is definitely one of our favorite summer fruits. It is delicious to eat as is. Apart from clafoutis, we generally don’t know how to cook cherry dessert. You have a wide variety of recipes because this fruit has a thousand and one flavor. From soft pie, panna cotta tiramisos or crumbs, to cheesecakes or muffins, all desserts are in the spotlight for cherry cooking!

Little cherries remain in the stalls. Even if we love them raw, we enjoy it too express candy. For the recipe for cherries in cold soup, place a tray of cherries and pour everything into a saucepan. Then sprinkle with sugar, add orange juice and a piece of vanilla. Then pour 20 cl of water. For two hours, let it rest in the refrigerator. Finally, add whole cherries and mint leaves just before serving.

Get the cherry recipe at smoothie Refreshing, mix 400g of pitted cherries with 200g of watermelon seeds and 1 vanilla yogurt. Also, 3 tablespoons cane sugar syrup and 5 mint leaves. If you like creamy drinks, add banana pulp to the preparation.

Recipe cherry in glass Simple gourmet. Fry 400g pitted cherries for 5 minutes over medium heat. Add two tablespoons of honey at the end of cooking. With a third of the fruit, mix with water. Then whisk together the vanilla yoghurt, 50gm of mascarpone and 2 bags of vanilla sugar. Divide the mixture into cups.

Recipe: Techniques for easy slicing cherries

To dig cherries, you do not need to invest: Cork stopper and paper clip Will do. Within 3 minutes, you will be able to make your own homemade lighthouse easily. Your recipe will get faster and faster with this technique. To do this, start by cutting the paperclip in half using pliers to keep only the top. Push the paperclip halfway into the cork. To use it, all you have to do is push a half-paper clip against the side of the fruit’s tail and then pull to remove the pit without damaging the cherry.

You can also cherry etch easily with a file Empty Bottle and Tray Stick. With this technique, the preparation time for your recipe will only take a few minutes. You just need to bring a glass bottle and check if the neck is not too big to hold the cherry on. If OK, place the cherry on the neck, the fruit side up and tap the top with the tip of the chopstick. Directly, the cherry stone will fall into the bottle.

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