Tiktok: Dorian, the star pastry chef with 500,000 subscribers, publishes his recipe book

Dorian, the 22-year-old pastry chef whose videos have become a hit on social networks, is publishing his first book on recipes.

He has no sign of his name in Paris. However, Dorian, at the age of 22, is a star pastry chef in social networks. His TikTok account has 550,000 followers and around 300,000 on Instagram.

What pleases? His short videos show simple and delicious recipes. “Initially I made five-fish and five-layer cakes…it was pretty and technical but people weren’t interested,” the young pastry chef told CNEWS.

It all started during confinement, after years of studying at CAP. During this pandemic period, the residents of Tor have been liking TikTok. Since then, he has trained on the job: there is no media training, and editing is done by him. “A good video for me should have an interesting title, a simple recipe and a bit of a luxurious touch that is my signature.”

From cookies with caramel to lemon pie, he tackles the wonderful classics of French gastronomy. “My pastries are delicious, not too sweet, and because they’re homemade, they don’t make you fat,” he explains.

Diverse activity

Over the course of his publications, he became acquainted with social networks and learned to circumvent their traps. This is how he decided to wear a large ring on his finger so that it can be easily recognized when his hands are shown close up. A way to prevent ill-intentioned Internet users from recovering their videos on their behalf.

Every clip is now a hit on TikTok. That cake representing Cauet animator on a human scale reached 7.5 million views, which is his record.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Dorian launched an offer of monthly boxes to take home. You can find everything you need, from the mold to the pot, to make a new recipe. With nearly 1,400 subscribers, her income enabled her to hire her mother to help her prepare packages at Tours.

At 22, this success doesn’t seem to turn its head. He admits that he never dreamed of seeing his creations sold in a Parisian chateau. He just wants to “keep baking and traveling”.

This success has not escaped the publishing world. A book has just been released that collects his recipes. From stuffed madeleines to gourmet pancakes and brownies, he reveals all his specialties and little tricks that make the difference.


Le Coin du Pâtissier, 30 professional desserts (or not!), Dorian Tudeau, éd.Larousse, €22.95.

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