TikTok: Pastry Chef Durian Unveils His Recipe Book!

He made his clients on Tiktok, and managed to release his first cookbook: Dorian Enters the Major Leagues!

Here is the beautiful story: pastry chef videographer during confinement, Dorian is successful on Tiktok. While that There are dozens of revenue accountshe managed to make a good place for himself… MCETV Explains How The 22-Year-Old Succeeds!

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Because revenue accounts, we know dozens. But the enthusiastic account going from CAP to 500,000 subscribers makes you want to understand. journalists CNews So he met the person who released his first book at twenty-two.

Dorian Tudeau has just gone beyond Tiktok to show what he can do in Larousse editions. for 22.95 euros, Publish Le Coin du Pâtissier, 30 Professional Desserts (or Not!). Something to give ideas for Christmas gifts.

While his account hit, The young man also admits that he struggled. It took time to find the right videos to attract as many accounts as possible. But the 500,000 mark was not crossed as quickly as one might imagine.

“At first I made cakes of five thicknesses and five layers… She was beautiful and technical, but she didn’t interest people“, Tiktok’s star pastry chef explains. So he had to refocus the attention of more people. leave in Choose less complicated recipes.

The pastry chef, but not the videographer, Dorian also had to adapt. Because a good account deserves good videos. So he explains to CNews that he had to find his signature. And even change some details To succeed in this environment is not always so simple.

From Tiktok to book sales

There must be a good video for me Interesting title, simple recipe and a little fancy touch It is my signature. » Months of research to find the recipe for success. But even with these good ideas, we still had to adapt.

And so Dorian explains to CNews itHe found his videos on Tiktok. But not for him. When it comes to owning hands, utensils, and flour, everything can look the same… so he had to distinguish himself to prevent intrusions.

Since then, the pastry chef with 500,000 subscribers has worn a ring. Another of his signatures. Even if the signature for him is mainly present in the recipes.My pastries are delicious and not too sweet“. A touch of true love.

“Because it is made at home, it is not fattening.” My pleasure to whomever can Make it flock to the M6, or work in mansions like some of the greatest? Not sure. Because the pastry chef Tiktok has other dreams.

He trusts that he wouldKeep baking and traveling“. A simple and effective dream that still hides a great success story. Because in addition to his account and book, Dorian was able to establish his company.

And so he sends batches of pastries So that some of its subscribers can reproduce it. Inside, there are components and utensils. To prepare them there is his mother who hired him. A real family success!

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