TikTok: This recipe for spaghetti pies might surprise you!

There is a new recipe buzzing on TikTok right now. These are macaroni pies. Very original concept.

Good news for food lovers. A whole new recipe seems to be buzzing on TikTok. In fact, spaghetti pies have become very trendy in the kitchen. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TikTok accounts to learn how to cook

If you love to cook, but don’t know what recipe to make, don’t panic! Le Parisien recently revealed 5 TikTok accounts you absolutely must follow To become a real cordon collar.

For example, Rorocuistot made the decision to launch last January. Since then, his videos have been a huge hit on the social network. This is for the simple reason that it offers simple content.

In an interview with Le Parisien, the young woman explained: “I started living on my own and didn’t even know how to make pasta. I started cooking and sent my friends my videos of “Rorocuistot fait ça” and “Rorocuistot fait ci. In January I put them on TikToK.”

She also added: “My recipes are repeatable, they are not expensive”. For his part, the person behind the Chef N-Zem profile intends to teach people to cook without waste.

Target ? Use whatever you have in your refrigerator without throwing away anything. “I wanted to convey my passion and advice and started a cordon to replace Father Dodo. My video went viral and made me known, and I wanted to give other tips, especially on fighting waste”, Explained in our colleagues columns.

Finally, Cookblow offers healthy, balanced recipes that you should be able to reproduce without any problem. And that, like Seize May or even the perfect roommate. MCE TV tells you more about Recipes available on TikTok.

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Spaghetti pancakes that are all the rage

you would understand that, TikTok is really on top Regarding the kitchen. There’s a new recipe making the app buzz, too.

a few days ago, Everyone just talks about spaghetti pies. Pastries that will delight young and old alike this season.

In fact, it’s a completely different way to eat pancakes. Here, you don’t have to Cook in a circlebut certainly online, as shown Briana Archuleta on her TikTok video. Once they are golden, all you have to do is collect them and arrange them in a bowl as if they were real pasta.

After that, all you have to do is sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top of it Sprinkle some maple syrup And voila.

A concept that should cause a sensation on the plate. If you are not convinced, the editorial team invites you to test this recipe as soon as possible. Thank you TikTok for allowing us to make such discoveries.

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