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Address: Veneta, Venice

From July 1 to August 31, the Lausanne à Table Festival organizes its first “Parcours des Glaciers”: the idea of ​​this gourmet competition is to make a short visit to the ten participating ice cream makers, in order to elect our favourite. If it seems impossible to choose among all these good titles, we admit to our association with the Veneta Glacier, in Ouchy (Place du Vieux-Port 2), for the diversity of flavors.

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Sinon, lorsque nous flânons dans la jolie ville de Nyon (VD), impossible de ne pas s’arrêter chez Gelateria Venezia (rue de Rive 44), une adresse très populaire: il suffit de regarder la file d’attente qui se dresse tou in front of the door.

At Sion (VS), Hasta Glaces (Espaces des Remparts 5) 100% natural perfumes are also among the great classics that have won our hearts.

And in Calvin City, we fall in love with the original fragrances from Gelatomania (Rue de Paco 25). Since June 2022, we’ve been tasting the new crunchy flavor “Almost Ovo” with Ovaltine.

Producer: La Paleta Swiss Edition

At snack time, during a heat wave, we immediately think of these two Waldenses (ice cream cut-outs from Mexico) companies: Kalan Paletas and Paleta Loca. Both are located in the Lausanne region, which makes it a point of honor to serve up organic ice cream made with local ingredients. At first, we like the very dark chocolate version. In the second, we fall in love with “Swiss Mojito” (at 3% alcohol).

In addition to various outlets, ice cream from Kalan and Paleta Loca can be ordered online.

Recipe: Homemade Banana Ice Cream

for two
Recipe from Rachl Mansfield’s cooking website


  • 2 large frozen bananas (sliced)
  • 3 tablespoons oatmeal or milk
  • 100 gm frozen berries
  • chocolate chips


Put frozen banana slices in a blender and pour in the milk of your choice. Mix well.

If the bananas stick to the edges of the blender, add a little more liquid.

Then put the berries in a blender and blend again, until smooth.

If the ice cream is too liquid or starts to melt, put it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, until it becomes firmer.

Finally, add chocolate chips or something else class Of your choice (nuts, fruits, coconut shavings). Bon appetite!

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