To survive the end of Better Call Saul, here is the recipe for a famous cinnamon roll

[Article garanti sans spoilers sur la dernière saison de “Better Call Saul”, promis]

While the series The best of Saul on demand Almost done, here’s a way to end this TV adventure in style. Several recipe sites and YouTubers have embarked on a recipe for Saul Goodman’s exceptional but challenging cinnamon roll under the Cinnabon brand, which he uses in his new life as a fugitive.

Throughout the series, the program and the bakery chain have maintained a very close relationship. Remember, already in the penultimate episode of the final season of Too badSaul Goodman turns himself in to Walter White, telling him that he intends to disappear and change his identity to escape the authorities.. “If I’m lucky, in a month, best case scenario, I’ll run a Cinnabon in Omaha.”leaving a scene that has become a cult.

But this reference to Cinnabon isn’t the only one. As the magazine indicates wrapBy force of circumstances and with a great deal of chance, Cinnabon has become an unofficial partner who will distinguish Too bad And the The best of Saul on demand From its imprint – even if the initial mention of the mark was purely coincidental and random, according to Peter Gould, one of the series’ creators.

Because if there is no doubt about retaining the brand initially in the chain, it will be enoughTweet For producers and creators to change their mind and review their version. Since this tweet, which Bob Odenkirk personally shared, Cinnabon has become a part of the show, and that’s until the last episodes of The best of Saul on demand.

“We are working alongside AMC to include the brand in the series. I want to warn that they are not presenting us with a scenarioconfirms Michael Albersi, Cinnabon’s director of marketing. We have no idea what’s going on in the series. They call us and just say, “Hey, we’re going to show Cinnabon in the opening scene” – or not even that, they’ll say “Only in one scene.” “

“On our end, we train Jane as if he were a real bakery manager. So we send our operations team and our cooking team to the site, He adds. And every season, we bake hundreds (if not thousands) of cinnamon rolls, bake up a bakery dish, and help Coach Bob and other cast members be real members of the crew.”

The best of Saul on demand Available on Netflix.

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