Top 10: Our Best Lunch Recipes

The holidays are now over for the most part. It’s time (already, yes!) to think about back to school and who says back to school also means back to lunch! To help you, we have selected the best lunch recipes that will please the whole family.

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1. Cuban Style Sandwich

Made with breaded chicken, avocado, and garden herbs, this sandwich is perfect for lunch with leftovers from the night before.

Discover the recipe for the “Cuban Style” sandwich.

2. Bulgogi meat bowl

Bulgogi is another delicious Korean BBQ dish! This nutritious and delicious dish of meat, vegetables and rice is perfect for satisfying your dinnertime appetite.

Discover the recipe for Beef Bulgogi.

3. Gourmet Macaroni with Asparagus and Peas

This rich, comforting dish is perfect for a kids’ thermos or for the biggest day of the week at the office. This simple and easy recipe will quickly become a must-have at the start of the school year!

Discover the gourmet pasta recipe with asparagus and peas.

4. Grilled goat cheese and roasted vegetables

Goat cheese lovers, this recipe is nothing more and nothing less than a dream! Skip leftover veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms, and carrots that are dormant in the refrigerator with this dish. Simply reheat your roasted veggies in the microwave for lunch and you’re done.

Discover the recipe for grilled goat cheese and vegan toast.

5. Grilled chicken and mango salad

This protein salad will quickly occupy a place among your favorite lunch recipes. The combination of Asian chicken, coriander and vegetables makes a delicious main salad.

Discover the recipe for grilled chicken and mango salad.

6. Barley and beef soup

Served with cheese cubes, this barley and beef soup has everything you need to keep you satisfied. It’s a relief that this recipe is still one of your favorites on Salut Bonjour.

Discover the recipe for barley and beef soup.

7. Squash macaroni and cheese

Topped with butternut squash, this macaroni and cheese recipe is perfect for fall. Much appreciated by the whole family, it only takes about fifteen minutes to prepare!

Check out this macaroni and cheese recipe.

8. Pork and Leek Quiche

Served with a generous green salad or colorful raw vegetables, this quiche is perfect for lunchtime. Chef Jonathan Garnier offers a simple recipe without compromising on taste.

Discover the leek quiche recipe.

9. Flank Steak Sandwich with Whiskey

Did you plan to cook a piece of meat on the BBQ for dinner? Plan an extra steak to cook this delicious sandwich for kids’ lunches.

Discover the recipe for a whiskey sirloin sandwich.

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10. Thai vegetable and chicken curry

A delicious vegetable and chicken curry that can be cooked in less than 15 minutes…who could say better? Feel free to double the servings for lunch the next day.

Discover the recipe for Thai curry with vegetables and chicken.

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Take your knives, your lunch routine can start again at any time!

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