Top Chef: How do you make a fruit gratin for Philip Eichebest?

Summer fruits … and ends? Anyway, this is the suggestion made by Philip Eichebest. Top Chef Juror Reveals His Recipe!

In the middle of a heat wave, we want ice cream, sherbet…but Philippe Echibest has Another idea to help you impress your guests Fruit gratin. The top chef from Top Chef reveals some of his secrets on his Youtube channel. MCETV explains it all!

Fruit and… white wine?

Because Failing to win the bid for one of its nominees this year, Philip Eichebest is everywhere. Even in the summer. Fort Boyard fans got to see him bring in a pretty impressive sum after he fought hard with his team.

Last year, the guy who’s commanded Top Chef’s Blue Brigades since 2015 caused quite a commotion by forgetting the key in the dungeon. This year he got his revenge It carries more than forty liters of water over its head. embarrassed.

But the kitchen is still the place that impresses the chef the most. In addition to her signature restaurants, her Tiktok account, Philip Eichebest runs a YouTube channel. A chance to talk about his emotions, his past, To be surprised by her new look…but also to distill some recipes.

That’s why the Top Chef of Youtube advises in the summer to eat fruit. And seasonal fruits of course. So he gives Fruit gratin recipe is not too difficult. But it’s sophisticated enough to satisfy your guests. And also to make a good impression.

For this recipe, you will need fruits: 180 gm strawberries, 90 gm blackberries and 125 gm cranberries. The chef also adds 5 cl of red currant juice and a little white wine. Plus two pieces of mint to spice up the preparation a bit.

Top Chef Fruit Gratin

Because fans are used to seeing the former member of the show, Diego Alari, Give her tips for delicious desserts. This time, it’s up to a historical juror to stick with it. So we follow the recipe, and everything should be fine.

For the batter, our Top Chef adventurer calls for 35 grams of butter, 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar, 10 cl of liquid cream, and 2 egg yolks. Let’s start by cutting the strawberrieswhich is mixed with raspberries and blackberries.

Then we deal with butter. So put it on the foam in a bowl before adding the fruit. Then we mix everything Add sugar at the beginning of our preparation. Finally, we also cut the mint into pieces that we combine after removing the pan from the heat.

Then we have to make Sabayon. For this, we take white wine (or currant juice, or even grapefruit juice). With egg yolk you go like this Mix in a saucepan over low heat until it becomes soft to the touch.

Then a tip from Top Chef: Leave to cool well so that the Sabayon retains its texture. Next, you will put a little sugar in the liquid cream. So we put it in the whipped cream. Put the cream into the Sabayon when it is cold

The last step, put the dress on: put the fruit in the bottom of the bowl. Then Sabyon on top. In the oven, let’s brown … and treat ourselves to a beautiful gratin, Low in calories and very tasty !

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